Actuaries Climate Index
The ACI website provides graphs and data for download with a focus on extreme weather and changing sea levels. Currently, data is available for the United States and Canada.

Climate Change: an Encyclopedia of Science and History
*Available to current students, faculty and staff only
An encyclopedia published by ABC-CLIO.
NOAA's climate web portal accesses climate data and publications like Climate Watch Magazine and assessment reports from a variety of U.S. and international agencies.

Climate Interactive
The nonprofit organization Climate Interactive develops simulation models and interactive tools to engage people with the challenge of global climate change.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Scientific, technical and socioeconomic information relating to climate change. Reports available in Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian.

International Energy Agency: Climate Change
A website of the International Energy Agency (IEA) with links to documents.

The New Climate Economy
The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate was commissioned in 2013 by the government of 7 countries. The New Climate Economy is their first project and focuses on the economic benefits of climate action. The full report as well as working papers are available to download.

The Ozone Secretariat
The website of the UNEP's Ozone Secretariat has links to treaties and documents. Also current status of ratification of treaties.

UNEP: Climate Change
Reports and studies of the United Nations Environment Programme including full text of Global Environment Outlook 3.

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Text of the Kyoto Protocol and other official documents of the FCCC. Document are also available in Spanish and French on the website. Link to the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Database.

United States Global Change Research Program
The website of the USGCRP presents research on global environmental change.

Yale Project on Climate Change Communication
A research center that focuses on climate change education. Their site provides access to research articles and reports.