Online Dictionaries
Tangorin is a free online English ⇆ Japanese dictionary with a fast, responsive interface that helps you search through over million entries with various look up methods.

Possibly the best online English-Japanese and Japanese-English.

Courses, Lessons, and Games

Ba Ba Dum
A game that does nothing but teach vocabulary using the words plus pictures and audio that can be combined in 5 different ways -- read and hear, just read, just hear, spell, etc. So addictive you'll hardly notice you're learning.

Erin’s Challenge
A beginning language course from The Japan Foundation with lots of videos, exercises, images, quizzes, and games for studying common Japanese expressions and Japanese culture. Online version of the DVD learning material "エリンが挑戦!にほんごできます (Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese)."

Excellent language learning site from the Defense Language Institute that focuses on both speaking and reading, all downloadable. Choose Japanese, select your level (1-4) and get more specific if you wish. Most lessons have accompanying audio and are based on real-life articles, TV reports, radio broadcasts, etc.

Japanese in Anime and Manga
A fun way to learn Japanese specific to Anime and Manga. Stories, audio, word quizzes, and games.

Japanese Language Learning Tools on Web
A collection of over 400 links for learning Japanese organized by category, including dictionaries, Kanji/Kana help, on-line tutoring, reference materials, online Japanese classes, etc.

Learning Chocolate
Study Japanese vocabulary through illustrations, images, audio and quizzes. Words are arranged in categories, like a visual dictionary.

Memrise – Japanese Courses
All sorts of courses teaching reading, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary. You must log on with Facebook or Google or create an account to use this site and if you want, it can keep track of your progress and will even e-mail you occasionally to quiz you on what you've learned. There's nothing else like it.

A portal for learning Japanese with links to all types of websites and online tools.

Useful Tools

A browser extension allowing the injection of phonetic annotations for Japanese text written in Kanji on the fly in Firefox (Furigana Inserter) or Google Chrome (IPA furigana).
A reading support tool that is incredibly useful - just paste a URL or selected Japanese text, hit Go and you will see your page or text reproduced but with a twist - when you mouse over a word you will see a definition and readings for that word.

A popup Japanese-to-English/German/French/Russian dictionary add-on for Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey or Google Chrome.


Japanese LingQ
Aimed at intermediate Japanese language learners, Lingq’s podcasts cover a range of formats such as interviews, features, audiobook excerpts, although most of the lessons are conversations in real Japanese. They feature numerous topics of everyday interests including current affairs, education and food and drink. Each podcast comes with a transcript, but they’re available only after you’ve signed up for a free account with Lingq.

The Japanese Page
For beginners. Its aim is to get away from textbook Japanese and advance toward speaking real, everyday conversations. The mini podcast lessons are conducted in English and feature short conversations in Japanese, which are then explained in English. The lessons conclude with a quick recap. English and Japanese texts of key phrases and conversation accompany each podcast.

Learn Japanese /
One of the best podcast series out there for learning Japanese. It has a superlative library of material for the beginner, intermediate and advanced language learners. In addition to the audio lessons, there are plenty of video tutorials. The presentation is clear and crisp throughout, with ample opportunity for the student to repeat what they’ve just heard.

Learn Japanese Pod
A good choice for the beginner who needs to master useful Japanese phrases and vocabulary. The typical show format features a handful of short conversations conducted in Japanese and designed to illustrate how certain words and phrases are used. Each conversation is then dissected in English to give the listener a thorough understanding of what is taking place. This is backed up by an array of supporting materials including transcripts of the conversations in Japanese and English.

News in Slow Japanese
This fabulous learning resource features a different fun news topic every week which is read out in slow, clear and precise Japanese. Every syllable can be easily heard. This is a wonderful way to hone your listening and comprehension skills. If you are feeling adventurous and want to stretch yourself a little, you can listen to a faster version of each slow news story. The audio is accompanied by popup translations and readings of the kanji.

Japanese Media

BBC Japan
BBC news and radio in Japanese.

Japanese Newspapers : 日本の新聞
A list of Japanese newspapers and news sites mainly featuring articles on Japanese culture, business, sports, politics, jobs, education, travel, and food.

Up-to-date news made easier for Japanese learners, with audio recording and accompanying text (complete with furigana, definitions and some word filtering tools). Once you’ve mastered the easy version, you can click on the link to view the original full-length news report in regular Japanese.
Provides links to the websites of many Japanese newspapers.

Japanese Music, Films, and Audiobooks

Japanese Audiobooks with Transcripts
List of links to free audiobooks with transcripts in Japanese from Reviewing the Kanji Wiki.

Good Drama
Watch hundreds of Japanese TV shows and movies with English subtitles.


YouTube Japanese Films with English Subtitles

YouTube Japanese TV with English Subtitles