A free program for making your own flashcards.

Ba Ba Dum
A game that does nothing but teach vocabulary using the words plus pictures and audio that can be combined in 5 different ways -- read and hear, just read, just hear, spell, etc. It currently offers 11 different languages and more are being added. The page automatically loads a particular language when you start, but just put your pointer on the language icon if you want to choose a different one. So addictive you'll hardly notice you're learning!

A downloadable flashcard program that you can use to learn new words in any one of 70 languages.

“All the words in the world pronounced.” Database of words in over 300 languages pronounced by native speakers.

Gate2Home Virtual Keyboard
A great on-screen virtual keyboard simulator. Choose from a list of absolutely any language, and then the particular keyboard layout for that language. Also has a "translate" to translate whatever you put in the large text box.

Internet Polyglot
An aid for memorizing words and meanings using images and games. In 36 languages.

Lexilogo Multilingual Keyboard
Another large on-screen keyboard with a drop-down menu for choosing your language. The benefit of this particular keyboard is that it has keys for upper- and lower-case displayed, making it extremely easy to use.

Helps you memorize vocabulary in common and uncommon languages through exercises and audio. You must log on with Facebook or create an account to use this site. Memrise keeps track of your progress and will even e-mail you occasionally to quiz you on what you've learned (but only if you want it to). There's nothing else like it.

Verbix Conjugation Online
Conjugates verbs in many common and uncommon languages.