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In Our DVD Collection:

The Agronomist, PN4959.H32A37 2005

Araya, F2310.A73 2011

Aristide and the Endless Revolution, F1928.2.A75 2005

Balseros, E184.C97B35 2005

Barrio Cuba, PN1997.2.B377 2007

Battle for Haiti, F1928.2.B388 2011

The Battle of Chile: the Struggle of an Unarmed People, F3100.B38 2009

Beyond Elections: Redefining Democracy in the Americas, JC423.B485 2008

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, KF1250.B43 2011

Blacks in Latin America, F1419.N4B533 2011

Brazil: an Inconvenient History, HT1126.B73 2001

Cartel Land, HV5840.M6C378 2016

Charcoal People = Os carvoeiros, HD8039.C432O733 2002

Che, F2849.22.G85C44 2009

Chevolution, F2849.22.G85C448 2010

Ciclovida: Lifecycle, SB118.25.C53 2010

City of God, PQ9698.22.I574C52 2003

Cocalero, F3327.C63 2006

A Convenient Truth: Urban Solutions from Curitiba, Brazil, HT178.B62U723 2007

Crude, HD9560.5.C783 2009

Cuba: the Accidental Eden, QH109.C9C833 2010

Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go to War, E841.C855 2012

The Devil's Miner, HD6250.B53D485 2005

The Disappeared, F2849.2.D473 2007

Even the Rain, PN1997.2.T363 2012

The Fall of Fujimori, F3448.2.F35 2006

Fatherland, F2001.42.R43T547 2013

Favela Rising, HV4075.R53F38 2010

The Fidel Castro Tapes, F1788.22.C3A5 2014

Fidel: the Untold Story, F1788.22.C3F53 2001

Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?, HV6002010.H2H357 2013

La historia oficial = The Official Story, JL2029.C6H578 2004

The Hugo Chavez Show, F2329.22.C54H84 2008

The Judge and the General, F3101.G8J83 2008

Looking for Fidel, F1788.22.C3A3 2011

Lula: Son of Brazil, F2538.5.L85L853 2012

Machuca, F3100.M334 2007

Manda bala = Send a Bullet, JL2429.C6M36 2008

Maria Full of Grace, HV5840.C7M375 2004

Maria's Story: Maria Serrano, 39 Years Old, Salvadoran, Wife, Mother, and Guerrilla Leader, F1488.42.S47M37 2010

Memorias de un soñador: la historia de un prisonero politico: basado en la vida de Félix Mora, F3101.M67M566 2010

Mercedes Sosa: the Voice of Latin America, ML420.S694M47 2014

Mexico's Drug Wars, HV5840.M4M495 2011

Monseñor: the Last Journey of Oscar Romero, BX4705.R669M667 2011

Moro no Brasil, M1690.18.M67 2006

Nostalgia de la luz = Nostalgia for the Light, QB82.C52N67 2010

Maestra (Teacher), LC155.C9M24 2011

Pablo Neruda: the Life Story of Chile's Greatest Poet, PQ8097.N4Z73 2013

Patagonia Rising, F2936.P38 2011

Pictures from a Revolution, F1528.P538 2007

The Pinochet Case, KD373.P56P56 2012

A Place Called Chiapas, F1256.P533 2005

Purgatorio: viaje al corazón de la frontera, E183.8.M6P874 2013

Reportero, PN4974.I58R47 2014

Revolución, F1210.R486 2011

Romero, BX4705.R669R664 1989

Salvador Allende: un filme, F3101.A4S25 2004

Shark Loves the Amazon, SD418.3.A53S53 2011

La Sierra, HV6439.C72M43 2004

Sin fronteras/Without Borders, KF4842.S46 2015

South of the Border, JL1860.S68 2010

Spoils of War, F2849.2.B685 2004

State of Fear, HV6433.P4S75 2005

The Take, HC175.T25 2004

Los últimos zapatistas: héroes olvidados, F1234.U458 2005

Unfinished Spaces: Cuba's Architecture of Revolution, NA6602.A76L66 2013

Violeta Went to Heaven, ML420.P26V56 2013

Voces inocentes = Innocent Voices, F1488.3.V634 2007

Walt & El Grupo, NC1766.U52D578 2010

Warrior of Light, HV887.B82W377 2007

Waste Land, TR647.M86W37 2011

What Would Darwin Think: Man vs. Nature in the Galapagos, GF852.G35W43 2010

When the Drum is Beating , ML421.S378W446 2012

When the Mountains Tremble, F1465.2.Q5W44 2004

When Two World Collide, K3174.W44 2016

A Whisper to a Roar: They Will be Heard, JC423.W45 2013

Who is Dayani Cristal?, JV6483.W46 2013

A Wild Idea: a Documentary Film About the Yasuni-ITT Initiative, QH77.E2W55 2011

Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up?, E183.8.C9W555 2011