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International Education Management; Joint MPA/IEM

Dr. Katherine Punteney (Program Chair), Dr. David Wick (Faculty), Dr. Paige Butler (Faculty), Grace O’Dell (Career and Academic Advisor), Samantha Quintell-Lenzi (Enrollment Advisor), and several continuing students.

International Education Management

International Environmental Policy

Professor Jason Scorse (Program Chair), Edy Rhodes (Career and Academic Advisor), and Nicole Gager (Enrollment Advisor)

International Environmental Policy

MPA; International Policy and Development

Professor Fernando DePaolis, (Dean, Graduate School of International Policy and Management), Professor Mahabat Baimyrzaeva (Faculty), Scott Webb (Career and Academic Advisor), and Coleen Bremner (Enrollment Advisor)

MPA; International Policy and Development

Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

Professor Jeff Knopf (Program Chair), Elizabeth Bone (Career Advisor), and Nicole Gager (Enrollment Advisor)

Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies

TESOL and Teaching Foreign Language

Professor Jason Martel (Program Chair), Serena Rapp (Enrollment Advisor), and Caleb Powers (Student Ambassador)

TESOL and Teaching Foreign Language

Translation and Localization Management

Professor Max Troyer (Program Chair), Serena Rapp (Enrollment Advisor), and Autumn Smith (Student Ambassador).

Translation and Localization Management

Chinese Translation, Interpretation, and Localization

Professor Wallace Chen (Program Coordinator) and Carol Johson (Enrollment Advisor)

Chinese Translation, Interpretation and Localization Studies Fall 2020

Korean Translation, Interpretation, and Localization

Professor Miryoung Sohn (Program Coordinator) and several alumni of our Korean Translation, Translation and Interpretation, Conference Interpretation, and Translation and Localization Management programs.

Korean Translation, Interpretation, and Localization

Spanish Translation, Interpretation, and Localization

Professor Cas Shulman-Mora (Program Coordinator) and Carol Johson (Enrollment Advisor)

Spanish Translation, Interpretation, and Localization