As the Middlebury Institute plans a transition back to campus, beginning July 1 and continuing into the fall semester, protecting the health and safety of the community is among our top priorities.

Current health guidance and scientific research suggest that to reduce the risk of an outbreak of COVID-19, it is essential to maximize the share of the on-campus population who are fully vaccinated. As such, beginning August 16, 2021, all on-campus students, staff, and faculty must be fully vaccinated or have submitted an approved religious or medical exemption. 

The basic protective health measures—vaccination, wearing face coverings if not fully vaccinated, maintaining physical distance from others where appropriate, and washing hands—are proven to reduce transmission of the virus on and off campus. Keeping our campus and our community safe and healthy will require careful adherence to these public health measures, along with dedication and commitment to each other. 

The Institute’s updated COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan and Checklist are designed to help departments apply health and safety guidance in their work areas. All employees and students must review this information in its entirety so they have an understanding of the current workplace guidance for those living or working on campus. 

Vaccination Information “Fully vaccinated” means that 14 days have passed since you received the final dose of your vaccine. Detailed information on vaccine verification and exemption requests can be found on the MIIS vaccine web page. We anticipate that the number of individuals who request an exemption from the vaccine will be small. Human Resources or Student Services staff will work individually with each member of the campus community who requests an exemption.
Face Coverings In accordance with CDC guidelines and recent Cal/OSHA guidelines, face coverings are no longer required for vaccinated individuals indoors or outdoors. Fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear face coverings indoors in classrooms, meetings, special events, or other gatherings. See more details about face coverings below.
Social Distancing Social distancing is no longer required for those who are fully vaccinated. Most campus classrooms and meeting spaces will return to normal capacity by August 20 to be ready for the start of the fall semester on September 7.
Campus Access Campus access authorization for faculty and staff to go to their personal offices or outdoor spaces on campus will be eliminated as of July 1. Campus access authorization will still be required for supervised Institute graduate assistants who must work on campus, as well as for all visitors and contractors. For authorization, email Barbara Burke at at least 24 hours in advance. See more campus access information below.
Campus Safety Readiness - Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed at the entrances to all campus buildings and in classrooms.
- Disinfecting wipes have been placed in all common areas and next to copy machines.  
- HVAC filters across the MIIS campus have been updated with higher-efficiency rated MERV-13 filters where possible. Increasing air filtration has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to help exposure-reduction strategies. MERV, Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, is a measurement of the effectiveness of an air filter.  
- Airflow system improvements for increased ventilation and improvements in outside air intake have been made in campus classrooms, in alignment with industry standards.
- Plexiglass shields have been installed in appropriate forward-facing locations across campus.
- Masks and latex gloves are available in Office Services. N95 respiratory masks are available for unvaccinated individuals upon request.
What You Can Do to Remain Safe - Practice good hand hygiene.
- Do daily health checks before coming to campus. Stay home if you are sick. All employees of the Institute, including adjunct professors and student employees, accrue sick leave. Do not come to campus if you are experiencing symptoms.  
- Get your COVID vaccination!
On-Campus Events For the first half of the fall semester, Institute events will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis via Room Reservation, the Student Club/Organizations Event Request form, and/or the Event Logistics form submissions, and attendees will be limited to members of the campus community. Outdoor events will be limited to 800 participants. Guidelines for October 16 and beyond will be determined in mid-September. Events held on campus by outside organizations will not be approved for an indefinite period of time.

Face Coverings

Individuals who have not been vaccinated or are not yet fully vaccinated must continue to wear face coverings indoors and in outdoor areas when six-foot social distancing is not possible. Face coverings for others in the same room are optional. Prevention measures for both indoor and outdoor settings are recommended for unvaccinated individuals. In accordance with Cal/OSHA guidelines, N95 masks will be provided to unvaccinated members of the Institute community upon request by emailing

While face coverings are no longer required for those who are vaccinated, some vaccinated people on campus may choose to continue to wear face coverings for health reasons or personal choice; these people may include those who are immunocompromised, are living with someone who is immunocompromised, have unvaccinated children at home, live with someone who is not fully vaccinated, or simply prefer to wear a face covering to prevent spread or exposure to other illnesses. We ask that you please respect their decision to continue to wear face coverings.

Please note that some tasks and situations will continue to require the use of face coverings; you will be informed if this pertains to some of your on-campus activities.

Campus Access

From July 1 through August 15, faculty and staff are free to go to their individual offices on campus or any exterior area without requesting authorization, following the guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals outlined above.  

  • During this time, all exterior doors to campus buildings will remain locked. All individuals entering their buildings should make sure that exterior doors lock behind them.  
  • Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to return to their individual offices to test work computers and setup, confirm printer connections, and clean as appropriate.  
  • All meetings will continue to be held via Zoom. 
  • No congregating is permitted in any interior area.  

Lanyards will be issued to all faculty and staff and will be available in the Security Hut behind the Lara-Soto Adobe. Lanyards should be worn while on campus with your MIIS ID card and should be clearly visible to identify you as a member of the campus community.

Steps to obtain a MIIS ID card: 

  • Upload a photo to the MIIS directory. Be sure to log in with your email address and then click “Upload Photo” at the top of the web page.
  • E-mail your name, Institute ID number, and best email address.
  • Security will make your ID card and notify you when it’s ready for pick-up in person.
  • Security is able to mail ID cards to online-only faculty, staff, and students. Follow this process and include your mailing address in your email to Security.

Beginning on August 16, faculty, staff, and students who are fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption will have unlimited access to campus, including campus venues for meetings. Lanyards should continue to be worn while on campus, with your MIIS ID card clearly visible.