Frequently Asked Questions

Effective Wednesday, March 11, and until further notice, there will be no Middlebury College- or Middlebury Institute-sponsored travel of any kind, including in-person participation in conferences and other engagements. This includes domestic, as well as international travel.

Personal travel to countries with a Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisory is strongly discouraged. If you choose to travel to these locations you may be subject to U.S. restrictions, including quarantine or isolation. We strongly advise that you consult CDC travel advisories before making any travel plans.

Check your email regularly for updates from Middlebury. Continue to follow disease prevention guidelines recommended by the CDC.

We are here for you with instructional support as well as these resources prepared by DLINQ to help you with the transition to teaching online. Here is the current schedule of workshops, and there will be more details to come. We greatly appreciate your flexibility as we adapt to our new circumstances. Requests for faculty support should be made via the DLINQ consultation request form.

No visitors, including prospective students, alumni, speakers, job applicants, etc., will be permitted on campus. To the extent possible, visits and meetings should to be conducted online.

Students are allowed to continue working, as long as their supervisors have work for them, and they remain physically located in the United States.

We understand how stressful this is, and we’re here to support you in every way we can. We’ll continue to meet with you and to provide regular update on the latest developments. You can also reference CDC resources.