Frequently Asked Questions

In Monterey County, faculty and staff are eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccines, and the same applies for all counties in California and a large portion of the United States. Check the Monterey County Covid-19 site for information on how to sign up.

Students who are currently residing in Monterey County and are working as a graduate assistant, a graduate research assistant or teaching assistant are eligible for the vaccine.

In addition, individuals between 16 – 64 years of age with a medical condition or disability that puts them at high risk for morbidity or mortality as defined by the California Department of Public Health are eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. These conditions are defined as cancer, chronic kidney disease of stage four or above, chronic pulmonary disease, Down syndrome, immunocompromised immune system from solid organ transplant, pregnancy, sickle cell disease, heart failure, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathies (excluding hypertension), severe obesity, and Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

For more information about how to sign up for a vaccine, visit the Monterey County Covid-19 information site. If you not currently living in Monterey, check for local information about vaccine eligibility and availability. It is expected that all adults over the age of 16 in the United States will be eligible by May, 2021.

Library books, journals, magazines and DVDs can be requested via the contact-free borrowing service and can be picked up in Office Services Monday - Friday between 9AM - 12PM PT.

MIIS ID cards can be requested by:

  • Uploading a photo to the directory.  Be sure to log in with your e-mail address and then click “Upload Photo” at the top of the webpage.
  • E-mailing your name, student ID number, and best e-mail address.

Security will make your ID card and notify you when it’s ready for pick-up in the Security Hut Monday - Friday between 9AM - 5PM PT.

Campus tours are available for prospective students. 

McCone offices are available for individual students who might need a stable WiFi connection for class, job interviews, etc.  Use of the offices will be monitored by Campus Security and sign-up will be required via the sign-up sheet.  Reservations are available Monday – Friday between 8AM4PM and must be made no later than the day before.  

Picnic tables are available on Pierce Street and in the Lara-Soto Adobe parking lot for 1:1 meetings between student/student, student/faculty, or student/staff.  The tables can be reserved via the sign-up sheet for Monday – Friday between 8AM6PM in 1 hour & 50 minutes increments.  

Three classrooms – Simoneau (capacity 5), McCone 238 (capacity 6), and the McCone Boardroom (capacity 6) -  are available for small group meetings. This includes faculty, staff, and student small group meetings, but is not available for anything considered an “event”. 

To reserve a room, Student Clubs or Student Council members should complete the Student Council and Club Event Request form.  All others, including small student study groups, should complete the Room Reservation Request.  Reservations are available Monday – Friday between 8AM4PM PT and must be made no later than the day before by 4PM PT.  No day-of reservations.

  • Only one group per room per day, on a first-come, first-served basis.  The offices will be cleaned after 4PM for the next day’s reservations. Disinfecting wipes will available in each classroom for your use.  If demand for the classrooms is high, we will explore opening other classrooms. 
  • Each room is set for proper social distancing.  Furniture cannot be moved from the current configuration.
  • When all members of the group have arrived for the reservation at the main doors of McCone on Pierce Street or the front doors of Simoneau on Van Buren Street, call Security at 831-647-4153 and they will come and provide access to the building. The interior doors to the classrooms will already be unlocked. 
  • Masks must be worn by all members of the group the entire time and social distancing must be observed.  If you are ill, do not come to campus. 
  • All individuals who sign up to use the classrooms will be required to wear an ID lanyard to identify they are authorized to be on campus.  Security will provide to individuals upon arrival for their reservation.  Please keep these lanyards and bring them back to campus with you for future reservations in the classrooms or the outdoor tables.  Lanyards should only be worn during approved reserved time on campus. 
  • ID cards are required.  If you do not have an ID card, they can be requested by:
    • Uploading a photo to the directory.  Be sure to log in with your e-mail address and then click “Upload Photo” at the top of the webpage.
    • E-mailing your name, student ID number, and best e-mail address.

Security will make your ID card and notify you when it’s ready for pick-up.  ID cards must be in hand at least 24 hours before any table reservations.

  • No eating/food or alcoholic beverages.
  • The restrooms on the main floor of McCone are available for use.

Faculty and staff can request access to their campus offices by emailing Barbara Burke at with the day, estimated time on campus, and purpose at least 24 hours in advance.


Check your email regularly for updates from Middlebury. Continue to follow disease prevention guidelines recommended by the CDC.

Effective Wednesday, March 11, and until further notice, there will be no Middlebury College- or Middlebury Institute-sponsored travel of any kind, including in-person participation in conferences and other engagements. This includes domestic, as well as international travel.

Personal travel to countries with a Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisory is strongly discouraged. If you choose to travel to these locations you may be subject to U.S. restrictions, including quarantine or isolation. We strongly advise that you consult CDC travel advisories before making any travel plans.