BA-Political Science, Earlham College

Photo of Abhinav Khanal

I am a freelance activist and entrepreneur from Kathmandu, Nepal. Having attended a United World College, I have had the opportunity to live and learn with dynamic young people from around the world, which has shaped my perspective on various issues. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science as a Davis Scholar at Earlham College, where I also served as the Co-President of the Student Government. Leadership is a defining factor of my personality, which has assisted me to work on development and leadership initiatives around the world. Most recently, I helped establish a self-sustaining fish farm in rural Nepal to generate employment for local families. I have also conducted leadership training for youth in Costa Rica, Canada and Nepal. For this work as an entrepreneur and socially responsible leader, I was awarded the Resolution Fellowship at the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference. I have worked as a Dayitwa Fellow under the mentorship of Nepali Parliamentarian, Honorable Gagan Thapa, conducting research and organizing dialogues on the sustainable development of Kathmandu city. I am also the coordinator for a blog called Bhumigat, where I write regularly on socio-economic and political situation of Nepal.