BA-Economics, Skidmore College

Photo of Alexia Muhire

When someone asks me where I am from I always feel the need to tell my whole story as it pertains a lot to my identity. I was born in Belgium, moved to Rwanda and lived there for 7 years, then relocated to Madagascar where I lived for most of my life. I was then fortunate enough to attend the United World College-Atlantic in Wales, which provided an opportunity to interact with students from many cultures. As a 3rd cultural kid I have learned to see things from different perspectives and even question my own beliefs. The peace-building program is going to be useful to building experience and skills to my interest in social development. My interest in social development stems from the occurrence of the Rwandan genocide that inspired me to learn how an economy can recover after hardship. Another event that sparked my passion for social development was my extended essay research where I examined the deforestation of rosewood in Madagascar, and the correlation with socioeconomic impact. Ultimately, I authored a recommendation for strategies moving forward to preserve environmental, local, and economic interest. I’ve continued this work at Skidmore College, where I have selected to study economics, specifically systems that impact developing countries.