MA-IPD Candidate, MIIS

Amanda Larson

I grew up in Cherry Valley, CA, a little town in southern California that is true to its name. Cherry Valley was a cute town, but home held a lot of conflict for me as a child. This created me to despise conflict. Despite hating conflict, I have always loved people. I pursued a degree in Sociology at UC Santa Barbara, and then was able to continue my passion for serving others in Peace Corps Malawi. My interests and passions of culture, language, and the human experience were all satisfied during my two years of living, teaching and learning in Malawi. It wasn’t until the beginning of my graduate school career at MIIS that I finally came to recognize and accept that conflict within the human experience is necessary, and can be a very positive thing. Further, I have began to realize my true passion and meaning in life is to be a tool for people that are confronting conflict, and to assist them in the most meaningful way possible. I have since been pursuing a degree in International Policy and Development while specializing in Conflict Resolution and Social Justice.