Photograph of David Mohr
McCone Building M126
(831) 647-4160

Professor Mohr really loves learning about languages and cultures, especially through lived experiences, particularly participant observation and ethnography. He continually asks “How do different people view our reality?  What do people REALLY DO and why those specific things in these specific ways…? These topics have always fascinated me because there are so many different “correct” answers.” He particularly like applying this kind of knowledge and finesse to improve outcomes for the populations involved.

David enjoys teaching at MIIS because of the diversity, energy, and passions of his students.  He particularly loves that “ah, ha!” moment in his javaScript class when the code speaks to the student and they really understands what is being communicated.  Similarly, the surprise and/or insight of learning cultural “show stoppers” which are not obvious from within mainstream cultural norms makes him happy.  He love helping students “peek” behind the cultural curtain and he adores it when they give him reciprocal insights.

Professor Mohr has 23 years work experience as the only remaining International Quality Engineer in North America, working on Photoshop and related Adobe applications.  His focus is internationalization, typography, metadata, and localized features, such as keyboard shortcuts, fonts, default units, etc.  His masters thesis was on the work of bringing Photoshop and other Adobe apps to Middle Eastern markets (Arabic and Hebrew users) for the first time. He also taught Photoshop to educators as well as the whole Microsoft Office suite to both educators and the Air Force.


Areas of Interest

Software inception, design, development, internationalization, localization, marketing, customer service, and even training and channel development, including variations on all of the above to serve non-North American populations.  Particular expertise in shrink-wrap commercial software, particularly creative / visual applications.  Cultural expertise in North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East, with particular attention to religious and medical practices as well as typography.

Recent Accomplishments
Presented Unicode Conference 2019 & 2014 and Southwestern Anthropological Association 2014  


English (native), French (fluent), German (fluent), Spanish (fluent), ASL (intermediate), Arabic (basic), Japanese (basic), Russian (basic).


Academic Degrees

MA: Applied Anthropology – San Jose State University

BA: German – San Jose State University

BA: French – Santa Clara University

BS: Math / Computer Science – Santa Clara University