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Senior Research Associate EANP

Melissa Hanham
499 Van Buren Street, Rm. 226
(831) 647-6507

Melissa Hanham is a senior research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS), as well as the Mixed-Methods, Evaluation, Training & Analysis (META) Lab. She studies East Asian security and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), with particular focus on North Korean WMD procurement and proliferation networks, and China’s nuclear posture. She also studies Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese nuclear exports, as well as East and Southeast Asian export control systems and proliferation finance activities.

Hanham supports MIIS' research at both CNS and META Lab by investigating new techniques in open source geospatial analysis, incorporating satellite and aerial imagery and other remote sensing data, large data sets, social media, 3D modeling, and GIS mapping. She teaches “Geospatial Tools for Nonproliferation Analysis” at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, and is a regular contributor to Arms Control Wonk

Courses Taught

Courses offered in the past two years.

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This course serves to introduce students to the increasingly important role of overhead reconnaissance and imagery analysis in nonproliferation. Students will receive a background in the rise of commercial satellite imagery and its open-source intelligence applications. They will learn basic techniques for identifying nuclear- and missile-related facilities by using their knowledge of how these facilities work, ground photos, and crowd-sourcing. Students will also learn how to order and manipulate satellite imagery in Google Earth and SketchUp in order to derive new value-added information for their research.

Fall 2017 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop, Fall 2018 - MIIS, MIIS Workshop

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Areas of Interest

Korean Peninsula; North Korea’s Nuclear, Chemical, Biological weapons and delivery systems; North Korean WMD procurement and proliferation networks; China’s WMD and delivery systems; East Asian security; East Asian nuclear exports; East Asian nuclear security; and East and Southeast Asian export control systems; Proliferation Finance and money laundering; remote sensing technology and data analysis; computer vision. Hanham speaks English, Chinese, and French.

Academic Degrees

  • MA in International Security Policy and East Asia, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs
  • BA in International Studies, Johns Hopkins University
  • Certificate in Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Melissa Hanham has been teaching at the Institute since 2012.

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