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The placement test you are about to take is a tool for us to quickly assess your level (what you can currently do with the language) and needs (what areas are strong, need improvement, etc.), so that we may advise you and help you choose the most appropriate language course(s) for you.

Please remember that proficiency is what you can currently do in the language—read, write, speak, and listen—and not the number of years of study or number of courses you have taken in the past.

We ask that you do your best work, but we also ask that you do this without the assistance of other people or other reference materials (online or otherwise). You must abide by the Middlebury Institute’s Academic Honesty Policy when taking the test.

Should we discover that you have received assistance on the test, or that someone has taken the test in your stead, you will be subject to dismissal from the Institute.

Some language tests have an additional oral interview, scheduled separately. After you submit your written test, you will be contacted by email and assigned a day and time for your oral interview. If you take the Spanish or English test, there is no separate oral interview. Otherwise, please be on the lookout for an email about the oral interview following the submission of this written test.

Testing Codes

Make a note of your appropriate code. The codes are case sensitive.

Arabic ARLA2017S
Chinese Traditional CHLA2017TC
Chinese Simplified CHLAS2017
English ENGLISH2017S
French FRLA2017S
Japanese JALA2017S
Russian S2017RULA
Russian Heritage RULA2017H
Spanish SPLA2017S

Taking the Test

  • Print and review the general information page

  • You may need to change your keyboard into the language you need to type. The general information page includes instructions for doing this.

  • Begin the test.

On-Campus Tests

If you have computer problems, you can take the placement test once you are on campus. To do so, contact Angie Quesenberry or call (831) 647-4185.