Board games that are all in Hebrew!

The School of Hebrew offers an intensive 6-week online program for students who want to improve their Modern Hebrew language proficiency as quickly as possible in an online format. The program will teach all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension. Please see Dates and Fees.


The online program will offer up to four different language levels and each level will include two courses. One course will focus on language foundation and conversation and the second course will relate to reading and culture. Each course will meet five days per week, Monday through Friday, for an hour and fifteen minutes per course for the duration of the six-week program. The total class time per day will be two and a half hours with a break in between courses. We plan to begin instruction at 11:00 am Eastern in order to allow students from the West coast to participate. Please note that this schedule is subject to change. 

Students can participate in non-obligatory online extracurricular activities in the mornings and afternoons such as lectures, conversation time, grammar, Israeli dance and yoga.


Please apply using the Language Schools online application. On the application, select “Summer Language Immersion: Beginner Thru Advanced” and the 6-week online program will appear as a program option in the drop down menu. The application deadline is May 15.


For more information, please contact the School of Hebrew at or 802-443-3593.