Dear BLSE Community,

Given all the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we want to reach out to you—to let you know that we are monitoring the situation daily and responding proactively, so to help minimize the virus’s spread and impact within our community and across the country.

Although we have postponed face-to-face BLSE, BLTN, and Centennial gatherings slated for the spring, we have every hope and expectation that our summer session and Centennial reunion will run as planned, and we are going forward with our preparations.

We are aware, though, that the situation may change in the coming weeks. As new information comes in, we will update you on any change in plans. We would advise that, in the meantime, as you plan your summer travel to Bread Loaf, you consider booking refundable fares or travel insurance.

Thank you for your patience and courage in these challenging times. We’ll get through them together, emboldened by our collective strength and compassion.


With all best,

Emily Bartels, BLSE Dean
Lyndon Dominique, BLSE Associate Director
Beverly Moss, BLTN Director