| by Jeff Cason and Sujata Moorti


Dear Faculty Colleagues, 

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we all work through the challenge of limiting the risk of exposure to and spread of COVID-19. We recognize that we are asking you midway through the semester to completely rethink how you teach. We do this because we want to avoid putting our students and our communities at risk and to ensure the integrity of our academic program. We acknowledge that some courses and content will be more difficult to deliver remotely—and the College is prepared to assist you. We are collaborating with peer institutions to craft best practices for instructional settings that are often conducted exclusively in person (such as dance classes, labs, etc.).


As promised, we are following up to share resources related to remote teaching and learning.

  • DLINQ will continue to offer drop-in sessions to assist faculty in preparing to teach remotely.
  • You may also request assistance from DLINQ via the consultation request form.
  • DLINQ has created the following resources that you may find useful as you prepare for remote teaching:

— Course Continuity for Lab Courses

                        — Creating Accessible Digital Materials

                        — Tips and Resources for Remote Teaching

  • The Library is working with ITS to expand the pool of loaner equipment to provide students with access to webcams, more powerful laptops, and other technologies to allow them to more effectively participate in remote courses. Students may request equipment here.
  • You may wish to use blog posts and other asynchronous resources to deliver content and assignments, keeping in mind that students will be in multiple time zones.

As a reminder, we have posted frequently asked questions online. These are questions that have been asked and answered since the announcement was made yesterday. Please continue to check that page when you have a question, as we will be updating it regularly.

We have also gathered faculty colleagues from across the disciplines and elected committees to advise us on issues related to academic continuity, as the move to remote teaching evolves. We expect that the first meeting of this ad hoc group will occur Friday morning.

Finally, we ask that over the next several days, you take into account the fact that our students are reeling from this decision. Many are quite understandably upset, and in addition to completing whatever academic work they have this week, they are packing up their rooms to leave. Rather than cancel classes, we request that you be particularly flexible in the next few days and weeks, and ask in particular that you postpone assignments and exams until classes resume remotely on March 30. Given that our students will be in different time zones it may also be necessary to reschedule class times for your synchronous classes.

We acknowledge the significance of this disruption and thank you again for your flexibility and patience. As we enter this uncharted terrain, please send your suggestions and questions to provost@middlebury.edu.


Jeff Cason

Sujata Moorti
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty