| by Baishakhi Taylor and Derek Doucet


Dear Students, 

We are writing to remind you about current guidance with respect to travel to Vermont, as well as a recent resolution issued by the Town of Middlebury regarding face coverings. 

We expect any student who plans to travel to Vermont this summer to follow Governor Scott’s quarantine rules and other health-related orders. Failure to do so could adversely impact any decisions we make about in-person instruction in the fall. Current Vermont travel guidance, effective June 8, is as follows:

Effective June 8, the Governor has also authorized interstate travel to and from New England and New York counties with 400 or fewer active COVID-19 cases per million without quarantine requirements. A map of the approved counties will be updated weekly and posted on the Agency of Commerce and Community Development’s website. Vermonters planning to travel to other states should understand that each state may have its own quarantine policy and they should be familiar with, and respect, the quarantine policies of those states.

Visitors will be required to register with Sara Alert for daily reminders from the Vermont Department of Health and must attest to meeting the travel requirements. 

Starting June 15, travelers will have the option to:

  • Quarantine in their home state for 14 days before coming to Vermont if driving in personal vehicle and making no stops along the way OR
  • Quarantine at a Vermont lodging establishment for 14 days if making stops along the way or traveling by plane, train, bus or other means of transportation 

Please see the state’s guidance on the Vermont Department of Health’s site–Traveling to Vermont: What to Know About Quarantine.

We also expect you to comply with the Town of Middlebury’s June 9th Resolution regarding face coverings:

“All persons in the Town of Middlebury should wear face coverings to cover their nose and mouth whenever inside in a public setting or outdoors where it is not possible or likely to maintain at least six (6) feet of social distancing. Public settings will include but not be limited to retail establishments, food and beverage serving establishments and lodging facilities, service facilities, municipal owned buildings, and places of business.”

We urge you to stay informed about Vermont’s travel and other health-related guidelines by visiting the Vermont Department of Health’s website. Our community standards include “cultivating respect and responsibility for self, others and our shared environment.” Indeed, we are all responsible for taking the necessary steps to protect our community during this challenging time. 


Thank you.

Baishakhi Taylor
VP for Student Affairs and Dean of the Students

Derek Doucet
Senior Associate Dean of Students