| by Karen Miller

Faculty, Staff

Dear Colleagues,

I want to invite you to visit a new Middlebury website we’ve created to support those of you who have transitioned to temporary remote work. The site includes a variety of links and articles as well as free online training classes and workshops you might find helpful. We’ve also consolidated much of our Covid-related policy information into one area so you can easily find answers to your questions.

We understand that shifting to remote work is a big change, representing many new challenges—from learning new software to conducting a business meeting with family members present. Many of us are getting accustomed to seeing dogs, cats, and children come in and out of our Zoom meetings!

Whatever particular challenges you’re facing, I encourage you to spend time on this site and learn some of the ways you can make a successful transition to remote work. We’ll add new content on a regular basis and update you about new learning opportunities as they come along.

Thanks and be well,

Karen Miller
Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Risk Officer