Dear students,

We know that many of you are understandably curious about the Room Draw process for next year, and are writing with an update. First, rest assured that we will be running Room Draw for the 20/21 academic year as soon as possible. Not surprisingly however, the COVID crisis has changed the timeline for our housing process significantly. We’ll be in touch with additional details and instructions by the end of this month. Many thanks in advance for your patience.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that only those students who received official approval to remain here through the process we ran prior to Spring Break may be on campus at this time (and those who were approved are welcome to remain!).

In addition, if you’ve departed from campus during the extended break period, even if you were originally approved to remain, you may not return.

Finally, please remember that absolutely no guests are permitted.

We will welcome students back to campus as soon as possible, and will announce that decision to the community when appropriate. For now however, it’s imperative for the health and safety of all involved that those of you who have departed do not return. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.



Residence Life