| by Jeff Cason and Karen Miller

Faculty, Staff

Dear Staff and Faculty Colleagues,

We write to follow up on our April 24 message about guidance on returning to work. We want to share with you what is taking place initially and what will be the next step.

During our first phase, our priority is to ensure that essential staff currently working on-site receive the requisite training and that the appropriate health and safety protocols are in place by the State of Vermont’s deadlines.

The next step will be to consider what additional staff may return to campus in compliance with the evolving orders from the governor. Human Resources will communicate detailed information to managers at that time regarding the process for consideration.

We are also developing new health and safety protocols that will be required for all returning staff and faculty.

For now the same policy mentioned last week is in effect—work from home if at all possible and do not return to campus without approval from your supervisor in collaboration with Human Resources. The purpose of the policy is to provide the safest possible work environment and a smooth reentry for all. We will continue to provide updates as the policy develops.

Thank you for your patience as we thoughtfully assess our next steps to ensure the health and safety of our community and compliance with the governor’s orders as they develop.

Best wishes,

Jeff Cason

Karen Miller
VP for Human Resources and Chief Risk Officer