| by Jeff Cason and Karen Miller

Faculty, Staff

Dear Staff and Faculty Colleagues,

We are writing to you today about Middlebury’s policies for work at any Middlebury location, in order to comply with local executive orders. Our first priority is the safety of all our employees.

You may be encouraged by efforts to slowly open the economy back up. We are, too. While these are important and hopeful steps, please be aware that Middlebury’s policies prohibiting employees from visiting campus or working there remain in place. All employees currently working remotely must continue to do so, both under current Vermont and California state orders, and Middlebury’s policies. Employees may not return to work at a Middlebury location without advance approval by supervisors and/or vice presidents.

As Vermont begins to permit additional business functions, all employees—including those who have been performing essential services at a Middlebury location—will be required to complete training, meet additional safety requirements, and be specifically authorized to work on Middlebury property. We expect the same to be true for California, as the governor eventually permits some reopening.

A limited number of staff will gradually begin returning to work on the Vermont campus but only with the explicit approval of their supervisors, working in conjunction with Human Resources. Early next week we will send a detailed policy to you about the process, which will provide managers with the tools to create a safe work environment. Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator Jen Kazmierczak and Human Resources staff are working to ensure that all employees currently on campus are up to date with their training and procedures. Our first steps will focus on Vermont, given the state’s movement toward reopening. In the near future, we will provide an equivalent policy for the Institute in accordance with California’s requirements.

A number of Middlebury staff may continue to work from home longer, perhaps through the summer, regardless of what other employers may do. If you are working remotely and must enter a building on the Vermont campus to perform an essential task or retrieve something, you must confirm with your supervisor the date and time you intend to enter a Middlebury office or building. On the Institute’s campus in Monterey, all requests to come to campus go through Barbara Burke, who will review and authorize access.

We want to reiterate that Middlebury is responsible for ensuring that its workplace is safe for staff and faculty—and by extension, the communities of which we are a part. Our priority is to implement all the necessary safety protocols and training, and to fulfill all local requirements. By following the requirements to stay home, we have worked together for everyone’s safety.

Thank you for your patience as we follow a plan that continues to keep your safety, the safety of your coworkers, the safety of our remaining students, and for all as our top priority.


Best wishes,

Jeff Cason

Karen Miller
VP for Human Resources and Chief Risk Officer