• Students

    Update on Grading Policy

    | by Jeff Cason, Sujata Moorti, and Suzanne Gurland

    We write to update you on the status of the College’s grading policy for this semester. This morning, the faculty voted in favor of an Opt-In Credit/No-Credit, course-by-course system. For spring 2020 only, you will have the option to take as many of your current courses as you wish on a Credit/No-Credit basis. If you don’t choose Credit/No-Credit for a particular course, that course will remain letter-graded. You have until May 8 to invoke Credit/No-Credit for any of your courses, using an electronic form provided by the Registrar’s Office. You will have a window of time from May 9 to May 19 in which you may revoke any Credit/No-Credit decisions. There will be a notation on the spring 2020 section of all transcripts conveying to outside audiences that a “Credit” should be interpreted as a reasonable response to these extraordinary circumstances, and not as indicating diminished rigor.

  • Schools Abroad

    Fall Study Abroad: Registration and Housing Updates

    | by Carlos Vélez

    We are writing to give you some guidance about registration and housing for the fall 2020 semester. As recently announced by Professor Suzanne Gurland, Dean of Curriculum, and Jen Thompson, Registrar, the College is delaying fall registration until mid-summerYou also heard from the Residence Life Office earlier this month that room draw for the fall semester has also been delayed. 

  • FacultyStaff

    If You or a Household Member Becomes Sick

    | by Mark Peluso, Jeff Cason, and Karen Miller

    It is important for all of us to make a plan should we or a member of our family become sick from COVID-19. This message is especially relevant for those staff in Vermont deemed essential since they have continued to work on campus. We ask that supervisors of essential staff make sure to share this information with their employees. 

  • FacultyStaff

    Updates on Wage Continuity

    | by Karen Miller and David Provost

    We want to follow up on David Provost’s recent email regarding the impact of COVID-19 on Middlebury’s finances. As David described, the impact is significant, and it will affect every department throughout our operations. Working through so many big questions, our top priorities continue to be wage and academic continuity.

  • FacultyMiddlebury InstituteStaffStudents

    Pandemic—About Seniors

    | by Laurie Patton

    These past weeks, seniors have been on my mind. Many have written to me with news of their alternative plans on the April occasions where they usually gather—Earth Day, Passover, Easter, or the celebration of spring. (Thank you for writing and keep doing so!) I also spoke with one senior, Kenshin Cho, about his experience of “alternative” life on Middlebury’s campus in this extraordinary time. Kenshin is the Student Government Association treasurer, and we discussed the SGA’s inspired decision to donate the remainder of its funds this year to help with our efforts towards wage continuity. You can see and hear our conversation here.

  • FacultyStaffStudents

    Important Health and Safety Guidance

    | by Mark Peluso and Jennifer Kazmierczak

    Like most of us, you’re probably feeling pent up and tired of not getting out to socialize with friends and family, especially as the weather gets nicer. We’re all missing many things we love these days. But we also hope you’re aware that the social distancing so many of us have been practicing is starting to produce glimmers of hope that we may be flattening the curve.