• Faculty

    Letter to Faculty Regarding Governance

    | by Jeff Cason and Sujata Moorti

    We write at what we know is a moment of significant uncertainty to update you on a number of issues related to faculty governance, our academic policies, and teaching. We also want to acknowledge that our situation is incredibly fluid, and to let you know how much we appreciate the rapid transition to remote learning that you have executed and are executing. We know that we could not have made this transition without our staff colleagues in DLINQ and ITS, and we thank them for all the work they have done.

  • FacultyStaff

    COVID-19 Financial Impact

    | by David Provost

    As we begin our second week of remote learning at the undergraduate College, and our third week at the Institute, I write with a financial overview. Many of you have asked me about the impact of COVID-19 on Middlebury’s financial position and our ability to weather the pandemic. In this letter I set out to answer those questions and communicate two additional things: that the road we are on is a most difficult one and could be for weeks and possibly months ahead, and to ask for your understanding as we make decisions in an incredibly fluid environment.

  • FacultyStaffStudents

    Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

    | by David Provost and Mark Peluso

    We write to let you know that a Middlebury staff member in Vermont has notified the College that they have tested positive for COVID-19. Our colleague, who has been off campus, is recuperating in isolation at home and is reported to be doing well. This is the first positive employee test result in the Middlebury College community.

  • Middlebury Institute

    Memo to the Middlebury Institute Regarding Pass/Fail

    As we work to ensure academic continuity in this period of great disruption, we strive to be as adaptable and responsive as possible. In considering changes to our grading policies for the spring semester, we started out by surveying the community so we could understand your perspectives on the issue. More than 500 of you shared your thoughts. We thank you and want to say, we heard yo

  • International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS)

    ISSS April 5 Update

    | by Kathy Foley

    We write with a warm hello and to check in. We have wanted to reach out to you for some time now, yet our attention has been on time-sensitive issues that demanded our full attention. Going forward, we anticipate sending ISSS updates more regularly. This one acknowledges the times we are in, provides ISSS news, and highlights available campus resources. We encourage you to read the full message.

  • FacultyStaffStudents

    Announcement from President Laurie Patton

    | by Laurie Patton

    One of the few certainties we are experiencing in the global coronavirus pandemic is the uncertainty it has brought to so many aspects of our lives. To help you understand what is happening at the College—and its impact on you as students and families, faculty and staff—we have operated on this assumption: That we can’t over-communicate with you in an environment that is so fluid, with things happening so quickly and, too often, tragically.