The Middlebury Network connects students and alumni to opportunities around the world. We invite you to become a part of it.

How You Can Help

  • Offer an internship: Internships enable students to explore career options, pursue academic interests or personal passions, acquire practical work experience, and make the connections they’ll need to find work after graduation.

  • Post a job: A Middlebury education prepares students for myriad careers. If you have a job that you’d like to fill with a Middlebury graduate, we would like to help you publicize it.

  • Post a Midd Gig: Midd Gigs enables alumni to post short-term, professional projects for Middlebury students and newly-minted graduates. Hosted on Midd2Midd—Middlebury’s mentoring and networking platform, Midd Gigs allows you to create a position announcement (paid or unpaid) for a short term project affiliated with your organization or venture.

  • Recruit on campus: Information sessions, on-campus interviews, and webinars can be scheduled to meet your recruiting needs.

  • Recruit off campus: You can also recruit Middlebury students through our off-campus recruiting sessions in New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Learn more about other employer opportunities.

    Speaker 1: Jeffrey Sawyer, Director, Employer and Professional Network Development:
    When I say the words Midd Gigs, what best describes what Midd Gigs are?

    Speaker 2: David Small ’09.5

    Speaker 3: Andrea Hamre ‘05

    Speaker 4: Culton Koster ’21.5

    Speaker 5: Jonathan Fisher ‘20
    Opportunities to connect.

    Speaker 6: Michael Longo ‘14
    Talented students.

    Speaker 2: David Small ’09.5
    Super satisfying.

    Speaker 3: Andrea Hamre ‘05
    Graduate level of research.

    Speaker 4: Culton Koster ’21.5
    Connecting with Midd alumni.

    Speaker 6: Michael Longo ‘14
    Good opportunities.

    Speaker 5: Jonathan Fisher ‘20
    Short term, low risk, high reward experience.

    Speaker 2: David Small ’09.5
    Be able to facilitate those new relationships.

    Speaker 6: Michael Longo ‘14
    Learning environment.

    Speaker 3: Andrea Hamre ‘05
    Showcasing Middlebury’s strengths.

    Speaker 5: Jonathan Fisher ‘20
    Can only learn by doing.

    Speaker 2: David Small ’09.5
    Expertise. Did I say expertise?

    Speaker 1: Jeffrey Sawyer:
    Really expertise.

    Speaker 2: Davis Small ’09.5
    Expertise. Fresh perspective.

    Speaker 6: Michael Longo ‘14
    It’s likely you’re going to get a lot more than you expected.

    Share Your Expertise

    • Provide career advice Midd2Midd connects Middlebury students, alumni, and parents, supporting mentoring, networking, and engagement within the Middlebury community around the world.

    • Become a professional in residence During your next visit to campus, talk with students about your work and career path and their related career interests.

    Make a Gift for Internships

    • Make a gift to support unpaid internships and other experiential learning opportunities National studies show that an internship experience makes students significantly more likely to land a job after graduation. However, many internships are unpaid, and often students cannot afford to participate in them. You can help with your gift of any size.
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    Contact Us

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