Democracy takes tending, and each of us has a role.

MiDD is our new collaborative, student-driven campaign for democratic engagement. Kicked off by student leaders in Athletics, the MiDD Team Challenge helps teams of students help each other, and others, to engage in the democratic process, vote, learn and share.

The Challenge sets out goals for engagement, and recognizes team achievement as we strive to reach every Middlebury student to ask about their plan for democratic engagement. 

What's YOUR Plan For Supporting Democracy?

The MiDD Team Challenge

Democracy needs YOU! Form a team, make a plan, and get to work!

Democracy doesn’t just roll along all on its own. It takes effort to sustain it and, whether or not you are eligible to vote, everyone has a role. The MiDD Team Challenge is an opportunity to work together to reach every Middlebury student, and make sure that we all have a plan for working to sustain democracy. 

Your MiDD Challenge Team can choose the achievement level you want to aspire to:

  • Bronze: All of our team members will fill out the MiDD Plan, eligible team members will complete the All In To Vote Pledge and register to vote and we will help ensure that every team member who is eligible actually votes!
  • Silver: In addition to the Bronze-level achievements, we will also assist 10 other students who are not on our team and have not done so, to do the same!
  • Gold: In addition to the Bronze and Silver activities, our team will also hold at least one voter registration and democratic engagement event before Election Day! (Registration drive requires attending a training with MiddVote in advance of the drive)
  • Platinum: In additional to ALL of the above, our team is also going get a group of students to create a team that reaches at least Bronze!
Gather a group of your peers - whether you are an Athletic team, club, residence hall floor, class, intramural squad, or just a group of friends!

Ready to go? Register your team now!

Image of a table at a voter registration event - Your Vote is Your Voice

You are a Middlebury student because you want to lead a life of meaning and impact.

Your voice can be heard, your vision can be realized and your impact can be felt.

You are a part of the critical work of keeping democracy alive and vibrant. It’s time to:




Voting Matters!

2020 Midd Student Registration Rate
2020 Midd. Voting Rate (registered students)
Midd. Student Voting Rate % Change from 2016
Ready to Vote? Everything you need is HERE.
All In to Vote - Register. Plan. Learn. Get Involved. TAKE THE PLEDGE. Accountability is key. Make a plan to vote and stick to it! By making this pledge, you promise to vote on Election Day. Studies show that you're more likely to complete an action if you've already made a public commitment to it. That's why we built this pledge - as a way for you (and your friends and family!) to maintain accountability when it comes to voting. Not only does voting help your community, but pledging helps your school, too.

Middlebury is All In To Vote! The All IN Campus Democracy Challenge is a national awards program. The Challenge encourages higher education institutions to help students form the habits of active and informed citizenship, and make democratic participation a core value on their campus. In 2020 Middlebury College received a platinum seal for achieving a student rate of 85%+.

Institutions of higher education around the country are challenging each other to foster student registration and voting through student pledges to vote. The All In To Vote Pledge is a public affirmation to vote, and Pledge counts are tracked on a national leader board. 

Middlebury is #allintovote. Click here to TAKE THE PLEDGE!

Have questions? Contact Kristie Skor,, for more information!

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