Students complete a semester-long capstone course or project that draws upon and synthesizes their P&P coursework and the experiential component.

Students normally should pursue the Capstone after completing the Gateway Course, at least two of their three Electives, and the Internship experience. You do not have to wait until your senior year.

There are a number of options for completing the Capstone requirement. You can elect to take the Capstone course (typically offered in the Spring), pursue an independent study, or apply your relevant senior thesis work. Applying an independent study or your thesis in fulfillment of the Capstone requires approval from the Academic Director.

Capstone Seminar

Some students may choose to take the Capstone Seminar (typically offered in the spring semester), titled Health, Food, and Poverty: Critical Frameworks for Social Change (PSCI/INTD 0426).

In this course, P&P students will join with peers in Global Health and Food Studies to critically examine popular frameworks for pursuing social impact, including solidarity, responsibility, development, aid, and entrepreneurship. The course will invite students to combine theoretical study with reflection on past experiential learning, and it will include a project-based learning opportunity as well.

Independent Project

Alternatively, students may satisfy the Capstone requirement by completing a semester-long independent project. Students who employ this option may do so in one of two ways:

Students may complete senior work in their major department on a topic related to the study of privilege and/or poverty, and ask for that senior work to be counted as the P&P capstone as well. Students should request approval of their senior work topic from the P&P Academic Director by the start of the semester in which they will be completing the project.

In other cases, students may choose to complete the independent project not as senior work but as a 500-level independent study, either as an INTD 500 or in a department of their choosing. Students should consult with the P&P Academic Director the semester before they anticipate completing such a project. The Academic Director will approve the project and either serve as advisor or assist in finding an advisor, based on the student’s interests and/or approach.

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