I care about protecting students and coworkers from the novel coronavirus, and I pledge to do the following: 

  • Stay home and notify my supervisor if I am sick or if I have symptoms of COVID-19 such as
    • Coughing  
    • Chills  
    • Fever 
    • Shaking 
    • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing 
    • Loss of taste/smell
  • Stay home for the recommended quarantine period if I have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or COVID-19 symptoms
  • Participate in any required prescreening before work, such as temperature checks or health surveys
  • Stay informed and follow the guidance of the state in which I work, including but not limited to restrictions associated with travel and gatherings
  • Comply with any testing protocols mandated by state, federal, or Middlebury authorities
  • Wash my hands with soap and warm water (or hand sanitizer) frequently throughout the day, and before and after entering work areas
  • Wear a cloth face covering around other people and in all common spaces
  • Follow my department’s protocols to clean high-touch areas and shared items
  • Maintain physical distancing at work in accordance with my department’s protocols
  • Complete required safety training, including department-specific training
  • Consult with my healthcare provider about the seasonal flu vaccine 
  • Consult with my doctor about the COVID-19 vaccine and, unless I have a documented medical or religious exemption, receive the COVID-19 vaccination once it becomes widely available and when feasible 
  • In the event that it becomes necessary, comply with all evacuation and lockdown procedures mandated by state, federal, or Middlebury authorities
  • Respectfully remind colleagues of safety expectations and be respectful, in return, if someone reminds me to comply 

I understand that my behavior sets an example in my workplace and for students. I will show that I care about my safety and the safety of others as we face this challenge together.


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