This guidance is provided to help students prepare for a safe and healthy departure from campus to travel to various destinations and to reunite with family and friends.

Departure Checklist 

COVID-19 Health and Safety Campus Departure Checklist: 

  • I have reviewed CDC’s COVID-19 Travel website for the latest recommendations on domestic and international travel, including guidance for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. 
  • I am aware of any travel quarantine and testing requirements for my destination state or country and have a plan to comply with necessary requirements. 
  • If my travel plan requires a COVID-19 test before leaving campus, I have booked an appointment using this link. Appointments may be scheduled 10 days in advance of the testing date. 
  • I am aware of the COVID-19 situation in the place I am traveling to, including the presence of any high-risk individuals. I have a plan to help reduce my risk of either catching or spreading COVID-19 during my visit with others. 
  • I have a travel plan that will reduce my exposure to infection during travel and the possibility of exposure to others as much as possible. 

Travel to Destinations Requiring a Negative COVID-19 Test

Students who are traveling to a location that requires a COVID-19 test, such as an international location that requires proof of a negative test within 72 hours of a flight, may use this link to book a testing appointment.

The COVID-19 testing available at Middlebury’s testing center is an RT-PCR test offered through Broad Institute. Results from testing on campus will be available approximately 48 hours after the test is administered. 

The Vermont Department of Health also offers free testing at a number of sites.

Preparing to Visit High-Risk Individuals

If you are traveling to a location where high-risk individuals reside, you should not rely on a negative test to protect others. Remember that testing reflects only a point in time and is not prevention. A negative test can provide a false sense of security.   

Because symptoms may start between two and 14 days after exposure to the virus, it is important that you follow prevention measures carefully in the two weeks leading up to your departure from campus. This will help to reduce your risk of bringing infection with you when you depart campus. 

Following are some important guidelines:

  • Wear face coverings when around others (even those you live with). 
  • Avoid locations where physical distancing is difficult to maintain or where face coverings will be removed (for example, when eating or drinking). 
  • Utilize takeout dining options and limit indoor dining with others. If you eat with others, choose outdoor locations or ensure strict physical distancing is maintained. You should limit the time you are indoors with others and face coverings are removed.
  • Use good hand hygiene. 

These prevention measures protect you and others (including high-risk individuals), regardless of where you are and what you are surrounded by.


CDC Webpage: People at Increased Risk 

CDC Webpage: How to Protect Yourself & Others 

CDC Webpage: Safer Travel Tips 

CDC Webpage: Domestic Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

CDC Webpage: International Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic

VT Department of Health Webpage: Preventing COVID-19