ITS Spring COVID-19 Updates

ITS services are continually adapting to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19.  This page shares what’s new this spring and contains important information you should know concerning changes to our support and services.

Helpdesk Operations

(updated 2/17/21)

Helpdesk hours are reduced and subject to change.  Refer to our hours page for current details.

Individuals on the Middlebury campus may drop by Davis Family Library, Rm 202, and ask a question using our walk-up station named “Smarty.” 

Helpdesk support is also available via a ticket, email to, Zoom, or phone (802) 443-2200 VT and (831) 647-6656 CA.

In-person services are currently unavailable due to COVID-19.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

(updated 2/17/21)

As of February 12, 2021, we are transitioning to new VPN software called GlobalProtect.  Pulse Secure will be phased out in March so we encourage you to switch to the new software at your earliest convenience.  Visit our VPN site for installation instructions.

Our VPN capacity was increased last spring but this remains a shared resource with finite capacity.  If you need to utilize VPN to access a campus resource please disconnect from VPN when you’re not actively using it to ensure others can connect successfully when needed.

The Nasuni Web Access service may reduce your need for VPN for Middfiles and Miisfiles access; see Access to MiddFiles.


(updated 2/11/21)

Not all printers will be available this spring.  Printing will be at the following locations with cleaning supplies provided so individuals can wipe them down before and after use:

  • Axinn Center near 105 
  • Center for the Arts, near Box Office
  • Davis Family Library, rooms 142, 242, and 303
  • LaForce Hall 122
  • McCardell Bicentennial Hall, Armstrong Library 155
  • McCardell Bicentennial Hall, Armstrong Library 203
  • McCullough, lobby outside MiddExpress
  • Proctor Hall, Woodstove Lounge (main level)  
  • Sunderland Language Center, near computer lab 121

You will see new queues named MiddColor and MiddBW that correspond with how the print will look when sent to the printers we installed this fall and winter.  The new MiddBW queue will default to black and white, double-sided, to align with how the older units used to print and to save on paper resources.  The MiddColor queue will produce color, single-sided prints to align with the most common use of color for signs and graphs.  You can change these default settings on screen or at the printer by adjusting the single or double-sided options.

Our How to Print instructions will help you get started.  All Mobility Print users will need to follow these instructions to set up MiddBW and MiddColor print queues on their personal devices.

Access to MiddFiles

We have a new service, Nasuni Web Access, that enables access to Middfiles without a VPN connection.  Simply visit then use your full to log in.  Please try this method as an alternative to using VPN to access Midd/Miis files. 

ITS is now able to offer many software titles through Apporto without the need for VPN; see the Virtual Labs section below for details.

Links to Middfiles resources in the Course Hub have been updated to use the Nasuni Web Access service.

Working Remotely

We have gathered resources for off-campus access and working remotely for your convenience.  Here are a few items of particular interest:

  • Free or reduced-cost Internet and WiFi options, along with some related resources.  Refer to our collected details on Google to learn more.
  • Zoom tips for running more secure meetings

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud suite is available for installation by Middlebury Undergraduate College & Institute faculty, staff, and students.  Please note that student licensing will be re-evaluated at the end of the 2020-21 academic year.

Please follow these instructions to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device.

Adobe support can be found here: Help page.

Public Computer Labs/Shared Computers

Public computers labs and shared computers will be offline for the spring semester, including the following locations:

  • Axinn 105
  • Johnson 206
  • Library public computers
  • Library 140
  • Library 220, Wilson Media Lab
  • MBH 116 / 117
  • Munroe 214
  • Sunderland 202
  • Sunderland 122

Some specialized or departmental labs may remain open at the discretion of the manager of the space.

If you need access to software only available in public computer labs, please check out Apporto to see if it will meet your needs.

Additionally, if you do not have a functional computer, please contact the circulation desk about reserving a loaner laptop.

Virtual Labs

A new tool called Apporto is available for use.  It provides access to virtual software and desktops through a web browser without the need for VPN or a desktop client. Refer to our service catalog listing of applications currently available through Apporto.

To try out Apporto, visit then sign in with your Middlebury credentials.  See Apporto Info and Resources to learn more.

Hardware Distribution & Repairs

ITS has suspended all in-person activities and is currently only able to provide remote support.  We have installed a set of lockers in the Davis Family Library vestibule for use by faculty and staff who need to work with us for “no touch” deployments and returns.  Facilities has provided signage and cleaning supplies to assist with the proper use of the keypad system for these lockers.

We will not be able to fulfill all requests for physical equipment or repairs.  Peripheral equipment, like cables, headsets or webcams, should be purchased directly from online retailers but please understand that there may be some delay in shipping.  If you have an urgent need which prevents you from being able to participate in remote learning or work, please contact the Helpdesk and we will do whatever we can to support you remotely.

GO shortcuts

All GO shortcuts work off-campus but you need to type the full domain to use them, for example, or

Information Security

Watch Out for Email and Phone Scams!

During media intense events like the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), cyber attackers take advantage of the situation by preying on our fears. They will try to scam you, or launch phishing attacks that attempt to get you to: disclose your credentials and personal and private information, click on malicious links, or open infected email attachments.  Please remain vigilant!  Here are some of the most common indicators that the email or phone call you received may be a scam, or worse.  Please forward any suspected scam emails to and contact with any specific concerns.

Be Careful with Sensitive Data! 

A reminder to all Middlebury employees that restricted, confidential, and sensitive information related to Middlebury people and activities must not be stored on individual faculty, staff, or student employee computers, or personally-owned devices.  Please keep all such data in appropriate and secure Middlebury-provided services.  Questions?  Contact the ITS Helpdesk or Middlebury Information Security 

Secure Your Home Network and Stay Safe Online!

A secure home network means you and your family can use the internet more safely. is an excellent online resource (powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance) which includes practical information about:

Information Technology Services
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Middlebury, VT 05753
(802) 443-2200