ITS Spring COVID-19 Updates

There are a number of new developments in printing at Middlebury this year!  This includes the printer consolidation project as well as a number of technical improvements to our overall printing environment.

Printer Consolidation Project

The printer consolidation project at Middlebury is underway.  

Thank you for understanding how important it is for us to make changes in how we do our work in order to create efficiencies in consolidation and in staff resources.  Not only due to the time we are working through currently with COVID-19, but also the ongoing financial impact this will have on the campus.  

The printer project will create:

  • Flexibility:  An individual may print or copy to any nearby machine on the new system.
  • Backup:  While waiting for a machine repair, users may print or copy elsewhere.
  • Budget:  Reduced cost to departments.
  • Confidentiality:  Requiring release of jobs to print at the MFU.
  • Additional printing options:  Many replacements will change to color machines.
  • Management:  Reduces the need to move printers or MFUs around campus when offices move.  Machines will stay in the designated print locations; individuals will attach their devices to the printer in the new location.

Not all printers or multi-function units are due for replacement this year, here is the list of locations and anticipated schedule for the 2020 replacements.

Learning Resources

Remember that the Helpdesk is available to assist if you have any issues.  You may also email Rick Ouellette at SymQuest ( to schedule an in-person tutorial.


  • User Quick Guide — explains basic use of the new MFUs being installed and how to troubleshoot them
  • How to Install the MiddColor queue on Mac or Windows



Frequently Asked Questions


Install the MiddColor queue on your computer, you will be able to print to and release jobs from MFU machines around campus (list of printers will be available once deployments are completed). See add a printer to macOS or Windows for instructions. Print from personal or mobile devices using MobilityPrint.


ITS will be covering the cost of purchasing white standard sized paper for print/copy needs on SymQuest tagged units (8.5X11, 8.5X14, 11X17) All other print items will still be through departmental purchases (colored paper, envelopes, stationary, or photo paper, etc) 

Order from WB Mason and when the charge comes through in Oracle use this EDORDA for your payment: 314-3101-54201-10-000000-15078-000-0 


Decommissioned printers may be requested for personal home use. This request must include the SymQuest tag number and be received by ITS prior to the removal date. The request is submitted by the department head.  

Upon ITS’ approval for home use — not all decommissioned printers are eligible — the printer may be removed from campus by the user.  Printers taken home will no longer be the property of the college or eligible for ITS or SymQuest support. All supplies and maintenance will be the responsibility of the owner. 


Departmental purchased printers are part of this project and being reviewed. All printer and Multifunction units should go through ITS and SymQuest to get the best pricing and support.  

If used for special purposes such as ID cards, special label printers, etc. Then all costs are covered by the department, and the machine may not be networked depending on the use.


Individually purchased non-standard printers actually cost the college more in purchase and ongoing maintenance costs.  This would defeat the purpose of reducing and consolidating leases we have to more shared printers and the cost savings we will be gaining.


Yes - the printer project staff will review usage statistics and the request.  If a second level is needed for review we will provide the information to the IT Director and Senior Leadership Group representative.

With this printer consolidation, know that you are helping to reduce overhead while gaining flexibility for printing, and helping reach our sustainability goals of reduced carbon footprint.  Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

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