ITS Summer 2022 Updates
Complete ITS Governance Implementation
Ensure alignment of ITS initiatives with institutional priorities and initiatives.  To provide a mechanism for cross institution collaboration related to ITS initiatives.
Support next generation ERP Black Baud implementation for Advancement
Improve business processes as related to the Office of College Advancement, streamline operations, facilitate data analysis.
Support next generation ERP Oracle Cloud Services implementation for Human Resources, Finance, Student
Support institutional business process improvements and implementation of a shared services model in collaboration with our GMHEC partners.
Upgrade Banner 8 IBN to Banner 9 user interface
Required system upgrade due to Oracle Forms technology utilized in Banner 8 INB reaching end of life, discontinued support by its vendor Ellucian
Website redesign - MIIS and Middlebury
Support and facilitate the ongoing primary intuitional websites redesign project being led by the Office of Communications.
Replace Hyperion EPM11 with Argos
Our operational reporting system has reached end of life; extended support costs are expensive and soon support will not be available at all.  Argos is a light weight operational reporting system with advanced BI/Analytics capabilities.  Argos comes delivered with many prewritten data blocks and reports written against baseline Banner and many other enterprise systems with the ability to interface with all modern database types, individually and in combination.
Implement Content Document Management System (replacing Nolij)
The Nolij document management system has reached end of life and is being replaced by the Lexmark Content Enterprise Content Management System version 7.  Content 7 provides advanced content management, workflow, and integration capabilities superior to previous generations of ECM systems.  This allows for offices to automate business processes in a paperless paradigm while ensuring compliance.
Create an outreach Campaign to form/enhance strategic partnerships with key stakeholders
1: Become better informed as to our customers/partners technology objectives and/or plans, bring ITS to the table earlier to improve planning and outcomes.  2:  Enhance focus as a customer driven organization.  3:  Facilitate innovation, workflow and operational efficiency and realize other opportunities that technology improvements can provide our customers/partners.
Update Interpretation Audio Storage (MIIS)
Ensure reliable audio recording archiving and delivery for all MIIS interpretation labs.
Evaluate Smart Classroom Upgrades (MIIS)
With the merger of Media Services at MIDD and MIIS, seek to define common standards and perform an inventory of smart classroom space on MIIS campus, evaluate upgrades for additional classrooms to digital capabilities.
Standardize IT processes between MIDD and MIIS (computer distribution, software installs and distribution, help desk operations)
Identify opportunities for efficiency and enhanced services.
Refresh Compute & Storage Infrastructure
Support growth and leverage cloud offerings to provide additional functionality and seek cost savings while reducing risk of our systems and storage infrastructure.
Improve Protections for Accounts
Rollout Multi-Factor Authentication, Whole Disk Encryption, Data Loss Prevention and enhancements to email and web browsing security.  Continue Information Security Education.
Continue to reduce local traditional network file storage
Continue to leverage Cloud file storage platforms, Microsoft Office 365/One Drive and Google Drive, to reduce the expense of on-premise file storage and take advantage of collaboration and backup cloud features.

Information Technology Services
Davis Family Library 202
Middlebury, VT 05753