It is helpful to understand a bit about Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium (GMHEC) and Project Ensemble before explaining the Project Ensemble Change Network.  So first, some context... 

What is GMHEC?
Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium is “a collective endeavor of three Vermont Colleges:  Champlain College, Middlebury College and Saint Michael’s College. Partnered together, our goal is to find ways to collaborate in administrative services common to all three institutions”.  More information is available on GMHEC's website.   There are many people involved with GMHEC from all three institutions.   Besides Project Ensemble, GMHEC also oversees a purchasing program and a Well-being program for these three institutions.

What is Project Ensemble?
Project Ensemble is a complex and long-term project that is being overseen by GMHEC with support from employees from all three colleges.  This project is focused on making decisions and implementing a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Platform) at the three GMHEC colleges.  This technology will eventually replace Banner and support the information systems for Finance, Human Resources, Advancement and eventually student records.  An introductory video was made to describe Project Ensemble.   GMHEC also has addition information on Project Ensemble and Project Ensemble's governance.

What is the Project Ensemble Change Network?
This work will result in a lot of change that will eventually affect every employee.  These websites are helpful in providing a place to share information, however, a website isn’t sufficient to communicate everything that needs to be communicated, so a number of Middlebury staff are serving on four different groups that together make up the the Project Ensemble Change Network.    

Change Network Diagram

Additional information is available for MERP Planning and Working Groups.  

Training Facilitators and the Change Facilitators will be Middlebury employees’ main point of contact. 

Please note:  You will need to use your middlebury/ account to access any Google drive documents referred to in this website.  Your personal gmail account will not work.

If you have additional questions about terminology, GMHEC has a lengthy glossary related to Project Ensemble