Icon for alert level green

GREEN - Low Alert

High-Density In-Person Activities

Not anticipated this academic year. Prevention practices are gradually lifted, and in-person activities on campus return to prepandemic normal or close to normal. This would require near-zero incidences of infection on campus, and high uptake of an effective vaccine or wide availability of a game-changing treatment. Targeted testing in specific areas of campus may be maintained.

Icon for alert level yellow

YELLOW - Moderate Alert

Reduced In-Person Activities

Moderate alert will be the default status. The underlying threat of a global pandemic remains, but with low prevalence on campus. Robust testing, use of face coverings, and physical distancing all allow for some in-person activities, though these are significantly reduced from a typical semester on campus. Community members must adhere to all aspects of the Return to Campus Guide to maintain this alert level. Targeted testing in specific areas of campus will be maintained.

Icon for alert level orange

ORANGE - High Alert

Stay on Campus

To respond to rising levels of infection and other local factors, the campus may shift temporarily to high alert. All meetings, including classes, transition to online only. Aside from essential personnel, those living off campus go to 100 percent remote. Students living on campus are expected to stay in residence halls except for essential services like dining, which is all grab-and-go. Access to other buildings is restricted, and sanitization would be realigned to focus on dining and residential operations. Testing may increase or may be targeted to specific areas of campus that seem most at risk.

Icon for alert level red

RED - Very High Alert

Only Essential Operations on Campus

Instruction is 100 percent remote for the rest of the semester. Departure screening is in place to ensure safe departure. Access to campus and buildings is restricted, and residence halls are mostly vacated (with some approved exceptions). Stay-at-home orders at the state or local level are likely in place.