The Announcement component is used when there is something timely and important that needs to be communicated on the page, like deadlines, change of important information, etc. It should not be used as a permanent fixture on the page. The shorter the content of your announcement, the more likely it will be read.


To add an Announcement to your page, select “Announcement” from the drop down menu underneath Component Type, then select “Add Another Component”.

Screenshot of all component type options, with announcement highlighted.

Once you’ve added Announcement as a component on your page, you will be presented with an interface allowing you to add a Title and a Blurb. The Title is not required, however, the Blurb requires content before the component can be saved.

Screenshot of the editing interface for the Announcement component.

Select the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

Your Announcement will look like this:

Screenshot of the Announcement component.