Find answers to your COVID-related questions for the coming Bread Loaf session.



No. You do NOT need to present evidence of a negative PCR/NAAT test at check-in to enter campus spaces.

In order to mitigate community exposure to COVID-19 that may come as well all travel to campus initially, you will need to wear a well-fitting mask in indoor spaces when you are with others (except when eating or attending to personal hygiene) for the first five days, beginning with your arrival at Bread Loaf (day 1).

During the Session


Yes, following the initial check-in, you may travel to and from campus. If you leave the country, be aware, though, that the US requires proof of a supervised negative antigen test for re-entry.

If you do travel off campus, please be mindful of your responsibility to our community and take every precaution to minimize your own exposure and that of your program colleagues. We recommend that you wear a well-fitting mask indoors in public locations and outdoors where social distance cannot be maintained.


If you are experiencing symptoms, take an antigen test immediately and quarantine in your room: if the initial test is negative, re-test at least 24 hours later and quarantine in your room until the negative result is confirmed. During the quarantine period, you will be able to pick up meals from the dining room or (in CA) outside vendors such as Door Dash. Even if the second test is negative, you must wear a well-fitting mask when with others until symptoms subside.

If you do test positive for COVID-19, notify your campus coordinator immediately, so that she can make sure you have what you need during your recovery. You should also check in with a health-care provider (Middlebury Health Services or Middlebury Telehealth for students; a personal health-care provider, for faculty/staff), and keep everyone apprised if your symptoms worsen.

You will need to isolate for five days after the test and wear a well-fitting mask at all times when with others. Because of our limited isolation capacity, individuals living on-campus may need to recover in place, even if you have a roommate. We’ll deliver meals to individuals living on campuses (Vermont/Oxford) with dining services; individuals at the California campus, where there is no dining service, will need to use food delivery services such as Door Dash or Grub Hub. Students in isolation will have an opportunity to continue their studies.

On day 6 after the initial positive test, you may resume on-campus activity. We recommend that you retest and see a negative test result before ending isolation. You will need to wear a mask indoors and outdoors and practice social distancing through Day 10, even if you’ve tested negative after five days. If symptoms persist, isolate and contact your health care provider.

See also: Middlebury’s Instructions for Those Exposed, Symptomatic, or Who have Tested Positive for COVID-19.


Yes, as long as you do not travel on public transportation. Be sure to convey your travel and contact information to your campus coordinator.


Because other programs occupy our campuses once we move out, we are unable to provide housing, board, or other residential services after the move-out date. Though we will do what we can to assist you in making arrangements, if you have planned to depart via public transportation you should have a back-up housing and transportation plan in place, especially if you are travelling overseas.


Seniors will be able to invite two guests to the graduation ceremonies in Vermont and Oxford (no proof of vaccination or exemption will be required, but guests will need to wear masks when indoors). Otherwise, students are not allowed to bring guests to School events or to campus during the session.

Family members who are in residence (on or off campus) with you for the full session are a part of our campus community and will be allowed to participate in School events: they will need provide evidence of vaccination/exemption through this form and to follow all BLSE COVID-19 protocols.

COVID-19 Communications


For the first five days of the session, participants will be required to wear masks when indoors with others.

Masks are required in classrooms at all times. After the first five days, we’ll announce and post mask requirements for other indoor events/spaces on campus and in our School newspapers during the session. Though masks may be optional for some events/spaces, we welcome and encourage mask-wearing; and we ask that community members exhibit compassion and understanding in supporting the individual choices and well-being of their peers.


We will notify you of any changes to our School policies by email and on our website. We’ll also provide COVID-19 updates during the session in our School newspapers or message boards and on BreadWeb (our communications hub for all campuses) if conditions change.