The situation and the policies outlined here are subject to change, so please return to this page for updates. Students were given detailed information and instructions in their correspondence with Middlebury prior to departure and upon arrival in the United Kingdom.

Current Situation in the United Kingdom

  • CDC Level: 4
  • Department of State Advisory Level: 4
  • Entry Restrictions: new arrivals will be required to provide UK officials with contact and travel information upon arrival by completing the Public Health Locator Form.
  • From 2 August, you will not have to quarantine or take a day 8 test when you arrive in England if you’ve been:
    • in an amber list country (and have not been in or passed through a red list country) in the 10 days before arriving
    • fully vaccinated with an authorised vaccine in the USA or Europe
    • The European countries that these rules apply to are EU countries and Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican City
  • Please see the web site for full details on travel to the England.
  • Host University: Keble College and Oxford University are open, but access may be limited.

For up-to-date information, please see the U.S. Embassy site and the GOV.UK site.

Program-Specific Protocols


  • Students who do not meet the above entry requirements will quarantine for 10 days upon arrival, either in St. Michael’s Hall or at another accommodation site as organized by Middlebury but can be released through “Test to Release” on Day 5.
  • During quarantine, food deliveries will be organized by the Middlebury staff. Medical care will be available through Middlebury staff, local NHS surgery and 111, or 999 in the event of an emergency.
  • Students can contact program staff by phone whenever they need.
  • Orientation will be held online and students will begin their academic work whilst any quarantine continues.


  • At present, we are only aiming to house single-room occupants on site, meaning some students will be placed nearby, but not in the center itself.
  • Students will live in a small household of 6-8 students max. with no mixing of households within the building.
  • Students will be provided with more housing details about two weeks prior to arrival.

Middlebury Center Space

  • Space will be reconfigured for safety.
  • Library: students encouraged to use online materials as much as possible, and will be a system for ordering/delivery/return and quarantining of books. They can talk to the Librarian by email. 
  • There will be an enhanced cleaning regime. Students, faculty and staff will be instructed to play their part in ensuring that teaching rooms remain clean, with materials supplied on-site.
  • Students can contact program staff by phone whenever they need, and we will organize set office hours.


  • Because of quarantine requirements and the academic structure of the program, international travel is prohibited. 
  • Students may travel elsewhere within the UK. Students must inform program staff if they intend to stay away overnight, and students will be required to fill out a detailed questionnaire to register all travel. All such travel outside Oxford, and associated losses, are at students’ own risk, and may impact others in their household.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to limit their use of public transport wherever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


Because we run our own academic program, we have the flexibility to adjust if students need to leave Oxford before the end of the semester. Instruction could continue remotely if needed. 


Students will need pay for food (and/or delivery of that food) while in quarantine, estimated at approx. £20 per day, as well as required testing (approx. £110 per test).


If a student has symptoms or otherwise believes that they have contracted Covid, they should notify staff, go into quarantine, and get a PCR test (and instructions for how to do this have been given to students). If a student is confirmed as having Covid, the rest of their household will need to isolate and be tested. If students are well enough, we will aim to continue with their academic work whilst testing and quarantining proceeds.


If students experience symptoms or otherwise believe they have contracted Covid-19, they should notify staff, go into quarantine, and get a PCR test (instructions for how to order tests have been given to students). If a student is confirmed as having Covid, the rest of their household will need to isolate and be tested. Of course, if anybody’s situation becomes very bad, then we will seek medical help for them.


No. As is the case in the US, not all individuals in the host country are required to be vaccinated. Many other countries are not as far along in the vaccination rollout process, so it is possible that roommates, faculty, etc. will not yet have had access to a vaccine.