Dear Schools Abroad Students:

Last night Middlebury undergraduates received a message from the Office of the Provost titled “Middlebury’s Academic Program.” Among other things, the message indicated that considering current circumstances, Middlebury students will have the option to take their courses Pass/D/Fail this spring semester. Since the message came out, the Provost has received emails from many you asking if this option will be available to students studying abroad this semester. The answer to that question is yes. You can request that your classes this semester be recorded as Pass/D/Fail. This is available for courses taken directly at our centers as well as for host university classes.  This is also applicable to the alternative academic options presented to you following the suspension of the Schools Abroad. Be aware that P grades do not affect your Middlebury GPA; however, D and F grades will be included in your Middlebury GPA.

As the message from the provost mentioned, for the spring 2020 semester only, courses invoked with the P/D/F grade mode:

•            Do carry academic distribution tags

•            Can be applied toward the major or minor

•            Do not count toward the non-standard grade maximum of 5

•            Do not count in the maximum 2 Pass/D/Fail course maximum otherwise available in your academic career

This Pass/D/Fail option is also available to students from other colleges and universities enrolled in the Middlebury Schools Abroad, but you need to discuss this with your home institutions to determine if they will accept Pass/D/Fail grades.  Please note that some institutions have different equivalencies for a Pass grade, so if you are not a Middlebury student and wish to invoke this option please be sure your home institution is aware of the Middlebury equivalencies (explained below), as this is what will be used when converting to Pass/D/Fail grades on your Middlebury transcript. 

Faculty will still report letter grades for all students, and if a student requests Pass/D/Fail, the grades will automatically be converted to a P for grades of C- or higher and recorded as a D or F if those are the grades that are submitted. Students will have until one week prior to the end of classes (not exams) in your Schools to invoke the Pass/D/Fail grade.  The director of your School Abroad will confirm that date for you. Please note: You will not be able to revoke the Pass/D/Fail option once selected, so please make this decision carefully.

I hope I have answered some of your questions here. If you need more information, please direct further inquiries to the Office of International Programs (


Be well,

Carlos Vélez
Dean of International Programs