Palacio de Cristal located in the Retiro Park in Madrid.

Sede Prim and UAM Calendar

FALL 2022

August 24*   Arrival in Madrid by this date
August 25 -September 3                     Orientation for Prim, UAM and UC3M students
September 3   Orientation excursion
September 5   Classes begin at Sede Prim 
September 6   Classes start at UAM
October 17-20   Mid-term exams at Sede Prim
October 22   Mid-semester excursion
November 4   Tuesday/Thursday classes meet at Sede Prim
December 7   Last day of Sede Prim classes
December 12-15    Final Exams at Sede Prim
December 20   Last day of classes at UAM
January 9-20**   Final exams at UAM

*August 18 arrival for any students who need to find housing (including apartments, if available).

**Students taking only Sede Prim courses may depart Spain on or after December 16. Students taking one or more university courses will not know the date of their university exam(s) until they register for classes on-site. Students who wish to buy a round trip ticket may depart anytime on or after January 21, as no exams will be after this date.