If you have ever wanted to see what academic life at Oxford is like, then this is the program for you.

Suspension Due to Covid-19

Summer Studies in Oxford has been suspended for the summer of 2021. Please inquire about the summer of 2022.

The Summer Studies in Oxford program offers a six-week ‘taster’ of the academic year program that Middlebury-CMRS runs in Oxford every fall and spring. It aims to provide students with an exhilarating intellectual program set within the liberal arts tradition, along with unforgettable cultural experiences as well. The academic program is carefully devised to ensure the closest possible collaboration between tutors and students, whilst access to the Bodleian Library resources guarantees that students will always have a vast amount of reading material at their disposal.


The program consists of a seminar class and a one-on-one tutorial. For the seminar course, students choose from a range of options (which will typically include topics like literature, history, philosophy and religion, and social and political theory), and engage in small seminars taught by local staff. At the end of the session, students produce a substantial research essay. Students also take a one-on-one ‘Oxford-style’ tutorial, which is designed, as much as possible, by the students themselves, and tailored towards their academic interests. Instructors are usually Oxford University faculty members. At each tutorial meeting, students normally produce an essay as the basis for further analysis and discussion. 

The program also includes a range of field trips to exciting locations in Oxford and elsewhere in southern England.


United Kingdom: Study Abroad in Oxford

Oxford is, I would consider it an urban town. It’s super interesting to see how this urban landscape also combines with old cobblestone pathways.

Think churches. Think medieval architecture. Think beautiful golden limestone buildings. What was surprising was, Oxford was bigger than I thought would it be. There are so many nooks and crannies to it, and places to go and get lost.

For me, what was really important was that study abroad brought forth this change of pace, and place and face for a while. We lived in St. Michael’s Hall, which is kind of our own separate dormitory, all of the students in the Middlebury program studied and lived together.

The location was fantastic. Being in the center of the city, you had access to essentially everything.

We could take a bus to pretty much anywhere, and day to day I’d get to explore the city a bit. So I spent a lot of my time outside on mini adventures, and walking around, and eating out, and painting.

Kind of a multitude of things. The program, from my experience, attracted a certain set of students that were there to, first and foremost, work really hard and knew that they were getting into this rigorous atmosphere. You’re going to be writing every day, and I mean, honestly, it’s not really an exaggeration.

You are probably going to be writing every day, but it’s topics that theoretically you really love and pick for yourself, and want to explore and delve deep into and have conversations with your tutors about.

If you’re looking for maybe sometimes a challenging but also fulfilling experience that’s still connected to your academic journey, study abroad is a perfect way to help you broaden your own understanding of what you’re studying within the context of a global society.

If you can and if there’s a support system for you to kind of plan going abroad, then there’s no reason not to. It’s all great experience, studying abroad and exploring new places.

Dates and Fees

June 1 to July 13, 2021


The fee is $7,750 per student, which includes instructional expenses, accommodation, field trip expenses (including meals), Bodleian library membership and some meals at Keble College. The fee does not include airfare, transportation to and from Oxford, personal expenses or most meals, which can be prepared at St. Michael’s Hall.

Estimated Out of Pocket Expenses

Airfare: $700
Board: $300
Books/Supplies: $50
Personal: $350

There is financial aid available on a first come, first served basis. Funding does run out, so apply early!


The program is housed at St. Michael’s Hall, a well-equipped facility with lecture and seminar rooms, common rooms, a kitchen and dining area and a library.


Applications should be submitted online by April 1, 2021.

3.5 GPA required; must be enrolled in an accredited Bachelor’s Degree program. Please note that this program has limited space and can fill prior to the deadline, so students are advised to complete applications as early as possible. 

Financial Aid

Current Middlebury students do not need to submit a separate application for financial aid.

Students from institutions other than Middlebury may use the following links for financial aid applications:

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