Architectural Studies

The focused study of architecture as a humanistic endeavor allows our majors to bring together various areas of the liberal arts in a creative fashion, almost in a Renaissance manner.

Department of History of Art & Architecture

What could be more fascinating than learning about masterpieces of art and architecture from around the globe!  Or to design your own building, plan a museum exhibition, or present a new interpretation of a famous painting!  Students who major or minor in the Department of History of Art and Architecture have the opportunity of following one of two tracks: Art History and Museum Studies or Architectural Studies.  Each track offers a unique way of exploring the world of art and architecture. 

Art History

History of Art & Architecture Learning Goals

Learning Goals in History of Art

Through courses across a wide continuum of times and cultures, students of art history not only learn to articulate histories of visual production, but also to think critically about the stakes of artistic creation and objects of culture more generally.

Students in the major will, by inquiring into the modes and meanings of visual arts and culture: