Math resources for your introductory STEM courses.

Online Resources

If your math skills are rusty or you just want some extra practice, the links below contain information and exercises to review several important math concepts and methods.

Numbers and Equations

Review and Practice for Calculus

This set of exercises (with answers) includes algebra and other precalculus topics.

See also this additional algebra review and practice, with complete solutions provided.


Many topics from Trigonometry are useful and important in Calculus. Try this assessment to help you determine which trigonometry concepts and methods you should review in order to be prepared to study Calculus. Solutions and Study Tips

Common Math Topics and Methods in Introductory Science Courses

Excerpts from Chapter 1 of Quantitative Reasoning and the Environment: Mathematical Modeling in Context, by Langkamp and Hull, include several useful examples. Topics include the following:

  • Units of measurement and unit prefixes
  • Unit conversion
  • Units in equations and formulas
  • Scientific notation and order of magnitude
  • Powers of 10 and logarithms

More exercises, with answers, plus a unit conversion table, are at the end of the document.

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