B.1. General Policies

All students at the Institute are responsible for knowing and complying with all Middlebury-Wide Policies as well as the policies of the Institute.

A. Bike Policy

Bikes may not be left on campus overnight. Campus Security will impound any bike left on campus for more than 72 hours. Impounded bikes may need to have their locks cut and will be placed into the Lost and Found. Students will need to claim their bike at the Security Office and will have to replace their lock at their own expense, as necessary. This policy exists to protect your property, as bikes left on campus overnight or for more than just a few days can attract thieves to the campus.

B. Classroom Policy (Guests in the Classroom)

1. Children

Children are not permitted to attend or be present during MIIS classes unless they have the prior consent of the responsible faculty member.  Only in the event of an emergency and/or non-routine situation may an individual seek an exception to this policy.

Children are also not permitted in quiet study spaces, such as the Library, the Samson Center Reading Room, and the McGowan Lobby.  Children are permitted in common areas, such as the Samson Center Dining Room, the Holland Center, and the garden, as long as they are supervised by a Middlebury Institute parent or guardian. 

2. Other Guests

Middlebury Institute faculty members have the authority to decide if guests may be allowed in the classroom.

When making such a determination, the faculty member will consider issues of safety, the impact on other students, and may consider the appropriateness of course content in making such decisions. If not already prohibited in the course syllabus, the request for an exception must be made to the responsible faculty member prior to bringing any guest into the classroom.

In the event permission is granted by the faculty member to bring a guest to a classroom, it is the responsibility of the guest’s sponsor/host to make sure the guests do not disrupt the educational environment of the class. If the guests do cause a disruption, the faculty member shall request or insist that the guest(s) leave or be removed from the classroom.

3. Pets

Pets are not allowed on campus, except when it is a service animal as defined by the Service & Assistance Animals Policy.

C. Visitor Use Policies

Visitor policies shall apply to the Samson Student Center, Holland Center, and Library. Students are allowed a maximum of three to five guests or visitors per person during operational hours. When using campus facilities, students must carry a current MiddCard. If a suspicious person or non-student or non–personnel is utilizing campus facilities, Campus Security should be notified by picking up a nearby blue campus phone or by dialing 647-4153, or simply dialing extension 4153 from an on-campus phone.

D. On-Campus Student Parking

On-campus parking may be available by permit only for students who live more than one mile from campus. For more information on parking permit eligibility and regulations, please go to the Campus Security Office.