Computing Policies - Students

Student Computers

Students may purchase a computer system or bring their own computer to campus (see Computer Purchase Program below). Students may connect a single computer to the campus network from their residence hall room. See Network Policies for details.

LIS will provide free support, to the best of its staff members' ability, with configuration of a student's computer so it will function successfully on the Middlebury College campus network. Difficulties with an operating system, software applications, and printing will be handled on an as-time-permits basis if LIS staff members have sufficient expertise with the product and system. LIS will exercise care with student computers and software, but we cannot guarantee we can fix operating system or software problems, and we are not responsible for random hardware failures. Students are required to stay with their computers or to sign a work order/waiver form when LIS staff or student consultants are working on them. LIS may cease configuration of computing equipment if it determines that configuration is impractical or would require extraordinary efforts, or that equipment is not in good working order. If LIS determines that a computer requires professional repair, it will be the user's responsibility to arrange for such repairs. Authorized service should be arranged through the supplier or manufacturer of the user's equipment. Upon request, LIS staff may be able to arrange commercial service, but this is not neceessarily available for all makes and models. The user will be responsible for any charges incurred for outside professional service.