Middlebury College Bookstore

Proctor Hall Lower Level
Extension 5334


The Middlebury College Bookstore is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday hours vary and will be posted at the entrance to the store or e-mailed for special events. Middlebury College Virtual Bookstore is open 365 days a year, 24/7, where you can order Middlebury imprinted clothing and gift items.

The Bookstore is owned and operated by Middlebury College, and the store staff are Middlebury College employees. Any revenues earned by the Bookstore are used to cover operating expenses.  Surplus is placed in the general fund of the College to offset other College expenses.

All items, including textbooks, are sold at or below the manufacturers or wholesaler's suggested retail prices. Used books are sold at 25% less than the new price. The store will not knowingly sell above suggested retail prices. Buy and recycle your books here and help the College reduce our carbon footprint.

Required textbooks and course supplies are available at the store both new and used, rental, and now digital textbooks on some titles. We also sell supplies and Middlebury clothing and gift items.

We accept cash, checks, and Visa/MasterCard as forms of payment. The Bookstore has Gift Cards available to purchase for family and friends. Join our Customer Loyalty Program and earn points with your purchase and redeem your points for a gift card.

The Bookstore buys back textbooks daily. When you are finished with your book bring it to the Bookstore and we can determine the current buyback value for your book. The best time to sell your books for the most money is during finals week each semester, when we will then be buying books for the upcoming term. During the semester we offer a wholesale price for your books if a wholesale value is available.

The Bookstore welcomes suggestions, comments, complaints, and questions, which should be directed to the store manager. Input from the community is helpful to the staff in its continuing efforts to improve both service and the selection of products offered.

Join us on  Facebook and Become a Fan & Friend of the Bookstore and you will qualify for future promotions, discounts, events, and groups.

The Middlebury College Bookstore also operates the Monterey Virtual Bookstore: http://bookstore.miis.edu .

rev. 8/2/16