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3.7 Educational Assistance

Middlebury College offers four separate programs to assist eligible employees and/or their dependents in pursuing post-secondary education (refer to the individual policies for benefit details):

A. Continuing Education Fund – Provides eligible employees with funding up to $5,000 per calendar year for enrollment in a credit-, degree-, or certificate- granting program from an accredited program or institution.

B. Middlebury College Course Fee Reduction For Employees – Allows eligible employees and their spouses/partners to take Middlebury College courses, for credit, for $100 per course.

C.  Middlebury College Staff Matriculation Program – Allows qualifying staff members, in specified circumstances, to enroll in the bachelor’s degree program at Middlebury.

D. Dependent Tuition Benefit - Middlebury College Students– Provides a discount of 45% of the combined tuition/room-and-board charges for up to four full years of coursework for eligible dependents admitted to Middlebury College.

E. Dependent Tuition Benefit - Non-Middlebury College Students - Provides a direct payment (see policy for details) toward the tuition of the institution attended for eligible dependents attending an accredited institution other than Middlebury.