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3.6 Phased Retirement/Other Transitional Retirement Options

The College strives, when operationally feasible, to support employees who are interested in transitioning into retirement. The Phased Retirement program encompasses a range of benefits that are intended to support those employees who prefer to transition into retirement status rather than to retire all at once. To be eligible an employee must: be a full-time benefits-eligible faculty or staff employee (or be a faculty member on Associate Status; AND be at least age 59.5; AND have worked for a minimum of ten years past the age of 45 in a benefits-eligible status.  Please contact Human Resources for details.

Other transitional programs such as reducing to a part-time status or flexible scheduling may also be available. Please note that VP approval is required for any phased or transitional retirement arrangement. Contact Human Resources at ext. 5465 for more information or guidance.