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3.9 Survivor Benefits

Eligible dependents of employees enrolled in the College's Medical, Dental, and EFAP plans have survivors' benefits. If an employee dies while in an active employment status, his or her survivors will receive the following benefits:

Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance: Dependents will be eligible for a subsidized COBRA benefit. For 60 days following the date of death all premiums will be paid by the College. Following the initial 60 days, accumulated staff sick leave reserve may be converted to paid COBRA days (see sick leave conversion section of handbook for details). Following any sick leave reserve conversion the COBRA benefits may be continued as described in the “medical” section of the Middlebury College Health & Welfare Benefits Summary Plan Description.

Employee & Family Assistance Plan (EFAP): The EFAP provides caring, experienced professional counselors to help with a wide variety of issues including grief and financial counseling services. Arrangements can be made to extend this benefit for a period of time; please contact Human Resources if you are interested in these services.

Accrued CTO: Accrued, unused CTO time will be paid to the deceased employee's estate.

Dependent Tuition Benefits: If, at the time of his or her death, a tenured faculty or staff employee has met the eligibility requirements for either of the Dependent Tuition Benefits, his/her dependent children will retain eligibility, so long as such child(ren) meet the other dependent student eligibility criteria.

Vision Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts, Life Insurance, and Retirement Plans: All benefits under these plans will be settled with the survivors in accordance with the provisions of the plans and beneficiary designations.

MiddCard Privileges: A surviving spouse/domestic partner/civil union partner receives full faculty/staff MiddCard privileges for one year. If no spouse/domestic partner/civil union partner survives, dependent children will receive Snow Bowl and Golf Course discounts for one year instead of MiddCard privileges.