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2.4 Release of Information and Employment Confidentiality

Authorized staff members have access to confidential information about the College, its employees, and students. All employees must handle such information responsibly.

Since it can be difficult to distinguish legitimate inquiries from invasions of others' privacy, no information is to be divulged without proper authorization. Refer verification of employment inquiries to Human Resources. Human Resources will verify employment, job title(s), and dates of employment. An employee who wishes the College to provide further information regarding employment must complete an Information Release and Waiver Agreement. Waiver agreements are available from the Human Resources office and on the Web (Information Release and Waiver Agreement Form). Return completed copies to Human Resources. Specific references will not be provided without a completed Information Release and Waiver Agreement. Managers must verify that an Information Release Waiver is on file with HR before providing a reference to an external employer.

Direct all other requests for information (i.e. those involving private attorneys or state or federal agency representatives) to Human Resources