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2.15 Post-Offer Pre-Employment Screening (POPES)

Certain physically demanding Middlebury College jobs have been designated as requiring post-offer pre-employment screening (POPES) of all new* employees (both internal and external) before new employees can begin working in those jobs. Post-offer pre-employment  screenings involve a number of job-specific medical and physical assessments that are carefully designed to evaluate an individual’s ability to safely meet the essential physical demands of the job.  When an offer of employment in a POPES-designated job is made, that offer is contingent upon the individual successfully completing the POPES process.  The cost of the POPES assessment is borne by the College.

When an individual does not pass the POPES, the offer of employment is withdrawn, however, that individual has the right to request reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). See the ADA policy and guidelines.  ADA accommodation requests must be made within 1 week from the POPES failure and will be handled in compliance with College policy and federal law.  Offers may also be withdrawn if the individual fails to complete the POPES process (including any required follow-up) in a timely manner.

*Current employees whose present jobs become POPES-designated do not need to go through the POPES process.  Current employees who apply for a different job that is POPES-designated will have to successfully complete the screening before beginning the new job.