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2.19 Staff E-mail and Computer Use Policy

Middlebury College recognizes that e-mail is one of the primary venues through which important information about the College and its operations is communicated. This information ranges from updates on the strategic direction of the College and matters of interest to the community, to notification of road closings and building maintenance, to information about employee benefits. As part of the Middlebury College community, staff members are responsible to be aware of this information. All employees are issued a standardized college e-mail account through their employment at Middlebury College. The work of some employees requires regular use of a computer, often in an office situation. Public access computers have been installed at many locations across campus to allow access and a desired level of privacy for those employees whose work does not require regular use of a computer. For departments or work groups in which computer use is secondary to the core function, internal procedures will be developed to allow staff reasonable access to e-mail while ensuring proper work coverage. The employees and supervisors are to work out details of how e-mail access time is implemented, depending on intensity of workload (periodic in certain areas like facilities services and dining). Training is available through ITS for those unfamiliar with e-mail use. Anyone using College e-mail resources is responsible for abiding by the guidelines for appropriate e-mail use as outlined in the College Handbook.